10 Red Flags That May Indicate Your New Hire Is a Bad Fit

All new hires should have a fair chance to get used to their new position and get used to the way things are done within your company. However, after a while, you may begin to notice signs that the incorporation period is simply not going well for your new employee.

So how do you know if they’re just re-hired or if they’re not suitable for the role? To help, 10 members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) take part in the following question:

“What is a sign that the incorporation is not going well and that the new recruitment may not be suitable for the position?”

This is what they recommend you keep in mind.

1. Ill-treatment of others

“I always look at how their managers and co-workers treat them. That tells me a lot about how long they plan to stay, their character and their overall commitment to the role. its executives, this is a clear sign that they will not adapt well to the organization. ” ~ Nic DeAngelo, Saint Investment Group

2. Consistent errors

“It takes time for a new contractor to adapt to the new work culture and learn new ways of doing things. But some candidates continue to make mistakes even after repeated reminders. They just can’t follow the instructions. If you have someone like that, it’s clearly not someone you want on the team. “~ Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

3. Rejected comments

“A sign that the incorporation is not going well and that the new recruitment may not be suitable for the role is when the candidate discards the comments. A good recruitment will always learn the team dynamics and new ways of doing things, no matter how experienced “If they don’t take note of the comments, you know you have the wrong person on the computer.” ~ Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

4. Tension with existing employees

“A sign that the incorporation of a new recruitment is not going well is if they do not get along well with existing colleagues. This can be a sign of hostility and a bad attitude, which could lead to a negative environment in general. new hires start with enthusiasm and a desire to get along with everyone while doing their homework. ”~ Stephanie Wells, Great Forms

5. Withdrawal of proceedings

“New hires that push back on procedures usually don’t fit well. It’s okay for a new hired person to wonder why things are being done in a certain way to try to fully understand it, but it’s another thing to back off procedures just because “The new contractor does not like the established processes. There will be opportunities to bring new ideas to the table, but first, the new contractors must show that they can follow the instructions.” ~ Jonathan Prichard, MattressInsider.com

6. Inconsistent communication

“Undue delays and a lapse of communication are often sure signs of a bad fit. Effective hiring tends to go wrong and prompt feedback. problems with delivery dates without any follow-up communication, it is a sign that the new contractor is struggling and may not fit well. ” ~ Brent Liang, fractal

7. Negative feedback from the team

“Incorporation usually fails on a personal level. With a job clearly described, most failures will be interpersonal skills that were lost in the interview process. Constantly consult not only with the new hired person, but also with “Trusted team around them. If someone is showing you a different image than your team is reporting, it’s probably time to leave.” ~ Jason Azevedo, MRCA

8. Don’t ask questions

“If the new contractor has no doubts about the work culture, it is a red flag. The incorporation does not mean pouring all the information about the new hired in a fixed staff. It means creating a space to help them facilitate their role. If you are telling them everything, they may have difficulty doing it on their own when you are out of the picture. Motivate them to ask questions. Show, don’t say it. “~ Candice Georgiadis, Digital Day

9. Lack of attention to detail

“Lack of attention to detail is one of the signs we look for when trying to decide if a person fits a role well. It’s important to address these issues early and support new hiring, but if they continue to show a lack of attention to detail, it may be time to let go. ” ~ Syed Balkhi, WPB beginner

10. Poor Commitment

“All new employees take a while to demonstrate competence, but the commitment, or lack thereof, is often immediately apparent. or leaving early or maybe just not asking the questions any new committed employee would have, is often a big red flag. ~ Kyle Michaud, Carolina Dozer

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