10 Tips for Making the Most of Opportunities While Running Your Small Business

Running a successful business is about seizing opportunities. Sometimes you jump on those who introduce you. In other cases, create your own. These tips from members of the online small business community can help with both strategies.

Discover growth opportunities using competitive analysis tools

The opportunities available in your industry depend largely on the gaps opened by your competitors. Therefore, you may need to analyze your competition to find the most relevant routes to grow your business. Learn about competitive analysis tools and how they can work for your business in this BloggingWizard post by Adam Connell. Then head over to the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

Search for email addresses by name

Business opportunities often arise based on the people you’ve connected with. You may even need to create your own opportunities by reaching out to the right people in your industry. In this Criminally Prolific post, Dmitry Dragilev details how to find anyone’s email address by name.

Immerse yourself in web marketing 3.0

New technologies like Web 3.0 can create tons of new opportunities for businesses. But first you need to understand the implications of these tools to get the most out of them. In this DIY Marketers post, Ivana Taylor reviews web 3.0 marketing for small businesses.

Hone your own creative traits

Sometimes taking advantage of business opportunities requires creative thinking. Whether you’re in a creative field or not, it’s often beneficial to recognize which creative skills you have and which ones might require a little extra work. In this Startup Professionals Musings post, Marty Zwilling lists several traits that help creative entrepreneurs thrive.

Prepare to deal with emergencies

Emergency situations can harm businesses. Or they may offer opportunities to grow and pivot. If you want to make the most of situations that cannot be controlled from the outside, it helps to be prepared in advance. In this Aha!NOW post, Russell Emmental shares emergency preparedness tips.

Become the best real estate agent

Today’s hot real estate market means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn a solid income. So how to take advantage of this option? RE/MAX broker owner Richard Zompa offers advice in this post. And BizSugar members shared their own thoughts here.

Make the most of customer interactions

Every conversation you have with a customer is an opportunity to make a positive impression. This is even true for those who share complaints or concerns. In this Noobpreneur post, Elinor Johansen discusses the “customer is always right” philosophy and offers advice for small businesses.

Find the most profitable blogging niches

Blogging has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs in tons of niches to make a solid living. While it’s usually best to cover what you’re genuinely interested in or know about, there are certain topics that tend to be particularly profitable. See a full list in this Themeisle post by John Hughes.

Get unbiased local SEO data

Every bit of data you collect about your marketing and SEO strategy can help you uncover opportunities for improvement. So you shouldn’t be looking for evidence that your existing strategies are working. Instead, look for unbiased data, such as the sources included in this Mazepress post by Chris Roark.

Create your own marketing plan

There are seemingly endless opportunities to market a new business. So it helps to create a plan early on to stay focused. Check out this Visme post by Mahnoor Sheikh for tips on how to do this.

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