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When you think of the ingredients to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s easy to immediately jump into the most granular, actionable elements of your daily life. But when you pull back a bit on the secret of productivity and efficiency, there’s one thing that shines as crucially important: a clean workspace.


Hiring a cleaner is an expensive luxury, but you can get high-quality cleaning quickly with this multifunctional combination of vacuum cleaner and rotating mop. This ingenious device offers exceptional suction power for vacuuming, as well as a variety of functions to clean and even purify the air while cleaning. If you buy before July 14, you can get it for a $ 130 discount.

Elicto has a suction control with three-stage buttons and five different nozzle accessories to give you flexibility while vacuuming the workspace. In addition, the integrated automatic water supply system allows you to dry and wet clean virtually any space. There is a double-turn mop accessory that effectively cleans floors and absorbs dust at the same time and works on almost any floor.

In addition to the functions of vacuuming and scrubbing, Elicto also has a H13 double HEPA filter system with five stages of micro filters to ensure more efficient dust collection. An ultraviolet light is activated to disinfect surfaces as you pass them and the filter system works overtime as an air purifier to remove 99.9% of the fine dust from your space. It’s really an all-in-one tool to keep your workspace clean so you can work as productively and efficiently as possible.

A clean space will help you work better. During our Day of Promotions promotion, you can get the Elicto ES-800 5-in-1 Rotary Vacuum Cleaner Mop for just $ 219.99 ($ ​​349 regular). Just be sure to buy before July 14th.

Prices subject to change.

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