12 Character Traits Exceptional Entrepreneurial Leaders Have In Common

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Entrepreneurs with excellent leadership skills are even more successful than those who lack the ability to lead. They stand out in their field because they have earned the love and trust of the people around them.

Have you ever wondered what makes entrepreneurial leaders different? What characteristics do they have that have made them successful as a leader? Why did people respect, trust and love them? In this article, I will discuss 12 characteristics of entrepreneurs with good leadership skills.

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1. They have high self-awareness

Great leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and what they need to work on to improve personally and professionally. They know when they are triggered and what triggers them. Leaders with low self-awareness tend to blame others for their own mistakes and are unlikely to have the awareness to be aware of them. Because they have no self-awareness, they are unaware of what they have to work on to develop.

2. They actively seek feedback from others

Great entrepreneurs know that feedback will help them become better leaders and entrepreneurs. They know that constructive feedback is the key to transforming into a better version of themselves. They consider feedback as a gift and do not shy away from constructive advice.

3. They practice empathy

Great leaders understand the needs, wants, feelings and situations of others. Instead of judging others, great entrepreneurs put themselves in other people’s shoes and try to understand where they are coming from.

Good leaders ask insightful questions. Why did they make these mistakes? Do they need extra support at work? Are you facing some personal challenges at home?

When you empathize, there is no need to judge because you understand the why of all decisions and behaviors.

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4. They are honest and transparent

Great leaders are honest with themselves and others. They tell the truth and do not hide from others. This is because they are genuine and authentic. What they express is really what they have internally.

5. They are open to different perspectives

Great leaders avoid groupthink. They know that everyone has biases and understand the power of diversity. They look for people who think differently than themselves and use each other’s strengths. They welcome a variety of experiences and perspectives because they understand the benefit of a variety of voices.

6. They have integrity

Exceptional leaders are known for their integrity. They have a moral compass that they adhere to and use to make decisions. They are not swayed by external pressures and cling to solid values ​​and principles that make it difficult to take actions that are not aligned with their values.

This is what ultimately allows them to earn the respect of their followers. When times of temptation come, they do not compromise their integrity. They take their courage and do the right thing no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable it is.

7. They are visionaries

A visionary has positive ideas for long-term visions. These leaders project into the future and can use their curiosity, creativity and mindset. They create solutions to critical problems that exist in the world. They see a better future.

As an exceptional leader, you need to take a long-term view. It is essential to have a big picture with a roadmap of goals that lead to an overall idea. A visionary is focused on the goal and will not lose sight until it is achieved. These people will do everything in their power to reach the destination.

8. They have high self-esteem and self-confidence

Self-esteem affects everything in your life, from relationships to success to parenting to leadership. When you have self-esteem, you know that you are worthy of the great things in life and that you have the abilities to overcome challenges. You expect great things to happen to you and you know you deserve them.

9. They have a purpose

Good leaders know their purpose and will stop at nothing to achieve it. A leader must know his purpose because it is impossible to define a vision without it. Knowing your purpose will guide you in the right direction to fulfill your life’s mission and create the impact you truly desire.

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10. They have strong communication skills

Communication is one of the most critical elements of an interpersonal relationship. A leader must know how to send and receive information in the most efficient and effective way. Communication starts with empathy and the ability to understand the person in front of you.

11. They are flexible

Being stern as a leader may not get you far in today’s world. An exceptional leader is flexible with his leadership. Leaders experience a variety of challenging situations and must relate to people with different personalities, backgrounds, values, and belief systems.

You must be able to employ different leadership styles at various points. In some cases, more mentoring may be required and in other cases, more coaching may be the preferred option.

12. They have emotional intelligence

An exceptional leader must have high emotional intelligence to lead effectively and efficiently. Understanding yourself and the people around you is a vital skill. Entrepreneurs with high emotional intelligence earn the respect of others and demonstrate this skill set necessary for followers to reflect.

Being an exceptional leader requires intention. Here are some tips for cultivating the habits of extraordinary leaders:

  • The journey to becoming a great leader starts with you. It takes personal effort and work to become the exceptional leader you desire to be. Everyone has great potential, but you have to reach within to access your abilities.
  • Collect feedback from your boss, colleagues, subordinates and even family members. Their feedback will serve as a starting point to help you determine which areas to work on the most.
  • You need the right people around you and within you circle of support. In some cases, you need to hire a coach. A coach will help you identify and work on key areas to help you become a better leader.
  • Find people to look up to. Have you ever thought about what kind of leader you want to be? Research these leaders to understand what made them stand out. Identify the hard and soft skills that made them exceptional. Explain how you can acquire similar skills to become a great leader like them.
  • It is essential have a curious mind and always seek knowledge. No matter how great you are as a leader, don’t let complacency get in the way. Great leaders are lifelong learners who approach things with a beginner’s mindset. Being an exceptional leader is not always easy, but it is the path to the desired vision, personal and professional.

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