14 Best Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile applications offer immense benefits to customers and help with retention, loyalty and involvement. Creating apps that customers want may not seem easy, but if done right, they can add more value to your business and help customers connect with your brand. There are many benefits to having an app, so it is essential to work with a professional app development company to get the best customer experience possible.

What is a mobile app development company?

Mobile application development companies focus on creating mobile and web applications for businesses using their expertise and technical skills. Some companies will focus solely on mobile apps, and some will focus more on iOS app development or Android app development. Other mobile application development companies may also offer additional services, such as web development as needed.

Advantages of Hiring a Mobile Application Development Company

There are many benefits to working with mobile app development developers and it can lead to a better business experience. Here’s why:

  1. Expertise: Mobile application development companies have the right experience and expertise to create an application that is technically sound and works well for customers.
  2. Custom development: Mobile application developers can create custom applications for your needs and requirements and based on your business needs.
  3. Security: Mobile development companies can ensure that any application they create is secure and keeps customer data secure, as they have the right level of development knowledge.
  4. Economic aspect: Outsourcing to a software development company may be more cost effective than hiring in-house mobile app developers to create an app.
  5. Quality control: Mobile application development companies have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that applications are well designed and coded to protect the customer experience.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Application Development Company

Choosing a mobile app development company is about identifying your needs and how their services can help you. You may already have an idea for a mobile app in mind, or you may want your input and advice before creating it, but here are some factors to keep in mind when evaluating mobile app development services. mobile applications:

  1. Cost: Businesses will be priced differently in development, so it’s important to analyze the cost of the process for digital solutions and how it fits into your budget.
  2. Specific experience: Does the company have experience in creating mobile solutions for your business and industry? Ask them about examples of previous projects and how their experience can help make your app stand out.
  3. History: Mobile and web development can take time, so it’s crucial to address the timelines at the beginning of the process and understand your development process based on the amount of time you had in mind.
  4. Strategy: When working with a company to develop digital business solutions, it’s best to have a strategy in mind for creating custom mobile apps and how they approach customer engagement for your app. Ask them about previous strategies and results to identify what they can do for your business.

14 small business mobile app development companies

There are many prominent agencies and companies working on mobile application development around the world. While this is by no means a complete list, these are some of the leading mobile app development companies currently creating products for small businesses and business customers around the world.

1. DECODE Agency

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Decode. Agency is one of the leading mobile development agencies, offering application development for iOS and Android. Their mobile development solutions are versatile, creative, and truly keep the user experience at the forefront and center of mobile app design work.

2. Powered

Location: New York, NY

Fueled is working on iOS development and the wider digital transformation, offering custom software development for businesses. Fueled focuses primarily on developing business applications and creating bespoke solutions for businesses.

3. Zazz

Location: Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA

Zazz.io offers Android application development services and creates custom and reliable solutions for customers. Zazzz also has cross-platform application development services, which enable companies to scale their digital solutions effectively.

4. Cleveroad

Location: Redwood, CA.

Cleveroad creates custom native iOS apps for businesses and works with some of the best mobile app developers for their work. In addition to comprehensive business analytics, Cleveroad uses its engineering expertise to create business-friendly mobile applications that customers like through comprehensive business analytics.

5. Willowtree

Location: Charlotte, NC

WillowTree builds and designs digital products and is often listed as one of the leading application development companies in the United States. WillowTree has worked with leading brands to create digital business solutions and offers a wide range of custom application development services to businesses.

6. Cheesecake Labs

Location: New York, NY

Cheesecake Labs is a mobile application development agency that combines design and software engineering to create unique business solutions. They work in e-commerce development and other sectors and have extensive experience in developing custom mobile applications. Cheesecake Labs has worked with non-profit organizations and is also experienced in e-commerce development.

7. Dom & Tom

Location: New York, NY

Dom & Tom is a family-run mobile web development company, so its expertise encompasses a variety of solutions depending on the needs of the business. Dom & Tom works with large brands and small businesses, and their application development solutions use digital strategy and engineering expertise to create a great digital product. Dom & Tom also provides web development and support for web application development.

8. Side bench

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Sidebench is one of the leading mobile development companies and one of the leading software development companies in California. Sidebench creates innovative and engaging mobile applications that customers keep coming back to and always have a creative twist on everything they work on.

9. MonstarLab

Location: Global, offices around the world

MonstarLab is a global mobile application development company with extensive experience and expertise working with different sectors and industries. With its experience and cultural knowledge, MonstarLab is a leading mobile application developer for business customers, offering a wide range of digital solutions for businesses.

10. AppStirr

Location: Houston, TX

AppStirr creates iOS and Android apps for businesses and has cross-platform mobile app capability. AppStirr can also carry out projects such as Reac native native app development, portable app development, and any other necessary mobile app development project. AppStirr creates scalable mobile and web applications to ensure the best possible user experience on any device.

11. MindSea

Location: Toronto, ON

MindSea focuses on creating applications that have an impact on customers and businesses and is one of the best application development companies out there. MindSea mobile application development services include strategy, design, UX / UI, as well as continuous improvement based on the needs and desired results of the users. They hire mobile app developers with extensive application development experience to ensure that business requirements are met.

12. Reinvent yourself

Location: Dallas, TX

Reinvently is a custom software development company that creates mobile applications. Reinvently places a strong emphasis on digital transformation projects, including the creation of custom software and applications that add value to users. Reinvently also offers Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and design to complement its mobile application development and digital transformation services.

13. TekRevol

Location: Newark, CA.

TekRevol has a growing global presence and its services include Android and iPhone mobile app development, web app development, web design and even game development. Its application developers partner with world leaders in the technology industry to create full-service solutions for unique and engaging businesses.

14. Foli3

Location: Belmont, CA.

Folio3 is a mobile application development company that creates scalable mobile applications based on business requirements. They offer application development for iOS and Android, with cross-platform support as needed to scale solutions. Folio3’s software development expertise spans from the automotive, retail, healthcare and many other sectors.

How to Hire a Mobile Application Development Company

Hiring the right mobile application development company can be tricky, but ultimately, it may be best for companies to create solutions through an outsourcing software development company. Here are the steps to hiring the best application development companies:

  1. Get a rough idea of ​​what kind of app you want and what you want customers to use the app for
  2. Make a short list of mobile app development companies based on this list, your own research and / or references
  3. Contact the company by email to set up the first meeting. You can also provide your approximate idea in advance so that the company can tailor the meeting to your needs.

What is the best mobile app development company in the US?

There are many notable mobile app development companies in the US that offer digital solutions. The best mobile application company is WillowTree, according to their experience in the industry, and they also offer web development. WillowTree hires leading mobile app developers as part of its team to improve its mobile app development solutions.

How much do mobile app development companies charge?

Mobile app development companies vary in how much they charge. The final price will depend on the complexity of the project, the development of custom software required, the time and hours, and the developers working on the project. An application development company can charge a minimum of $ 5,000 for a simple application, and prices increase based on experience and application requirements.

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