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The health and fitness industry is booming. Therefore, there are many opportunities for fitness professionals to start their own successful businesses. If you are looking for fitness start ideas to launch in 2022, here are some to keep in mind.

The fitness industry in 2022

The fitness industry has evolved significantly in the last two years. There is an important emphasis on home and virtual workouts. So there is a lot of room for growth when it comes to selling home gym equipment, subscriptions and even portable technology.

What business can you start with fitness?

There are so many fitness companies that cater to various niches within this industry, so the options are almost endless. If you are looking for a great fitness business idea, some of the best options include personal training, selling fitness equipment and offering face-to-face or online training classes.

However, there are also many people who are excited to go back to the gym or do face-to-face workouts. This market segment is expected to grow by 3.7 percent by 2022. So there is plenty of room to start a successful fitness business, regardless of the market you are interested in exploring.

Top ideas for fitness companies

If you are ready to start your own business in the field of health and wellness, here are some fitness business ideas to consider.

1. Personal Training Company

A personal trainer helps clients one by one to help them achieve their personal fitness goals. You can start a personal training business in person or online, either by charging one-time fees for ongoing sessions or subscriptions. Some trainers offer several training options, while others focus on a specific area such as strength training.

2. Company Health Club

A health club allows members to use their gym equipment and facilities in exchange for a monthly fee. This requires dedicated space and specialized equipment. But you can get a steady monthly income with enough members.

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3. Gym

Fitness studios may also offer some equipment and instruction, but are usually known for offering group classes. This option also requires dedicated space, but is usually smaller and includes less heavy equipment than full gyms.

4. Yoga Study

Yoga studios offer classes specifically for this audience niche. You can focus more on real movement and / or meditative and spiritual elements. This same concept can also be applied to other specific niches such as pilates, barbell or cycling.

5. Online fitness blogger

Bloggers can offer online tips and workouts that others can do on their own time. This can be done remotely, so you don’t need your own facilities or a lot of upfront costs. You just need your own website. And signing up for social media accounts and other online platforms can help you with marketing.

6. Fitness instructors

Fitness instructors can essentially be self-employed by offering classes at various facilities or by offering contract training online. This option may be perfect for beginners, as you do not need a dedicated space and you can learn about the industry while working with established companies. But many experienced fitness professionals use it as their primary source of income for their long-term business.

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7. Health Coaching

Health coaches work individually with clients, focusing on fitness and other areas such as healthy eating. You can interact with people virtually or in person and charge a one-time or continuous subscription fee, depending on your needs and goals. Many coaches even offer various levels of services.

More business ideas in the fitness industry

In addition to these popular options, there are some lesser known ways to start your own fitness business. The following list may include the perfect business idea for you.

8. Physical therapy

Physiotherapists require official training or qualifications. You can start a profitable business by helping athletes recover and stay healthy and active. Services often include injury assessment, setting up stretching and exercise programs, and performing manual adjustments.

9. Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture therapy is an emerging field that involves inserting small needles at specific points to move energy or achieve other health goals. This is a form of alternative medicine that is gaining strength in the fitness and wellness community.

10. Dance Studio

Dancing can be a fun way to get more moving. Studios can offer classes for people of all ages or focus on a specific niche, from ballroom dancing to gymnastics.

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11. Fitness influencer

Fitness influencers can post workouts and tips on social media, working with relevant brands to deliver sponsored content. Some influencers also create content on platforms like YouTube, which offers the opportunity to earn revenue by sharing ads.

12. Sales of portable devices

Portable devices that track calories, steps and other health metrics are gaining popularity. This option has a higher initial cost than some other ideas, as you need to develop tangible products. However, you can also sell these devices at a higher price.

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13. Emerging training events

Emerging training events may include outdoor training camps at a local park or special training sessions at local gyms. Charge a small ticket for each event instead of getting your own dedicated space.

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14. Fitness equipment store

A fitness equipment store can store various supplies and exercise equipment that people can use for their workouts. You can offer a full range of products or focus on a specific market, such as clothing or weightlifting equipment. This type of business requires its own space and relationships with vendors.

15. Occupational Welfare Instructor

Workplace wellness instructors partner with companies to offer training and instructional classes. You can interact with the live stream or visit the teams in person. Many of these entrepreneurs also delve into other areas of wellness, such as offering food kits or meditation demonstrations.

Is the fitness business profitable?

There are many different business model options within the wellness industry, so profitability depends on the type of business you start. However, there is a lot of profit in this space, as many businesses can be started at low cost and consumers are generally willing to pay for fitness and wellness products and services.

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