15 TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

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A leaked TikTok for Business platform stated that the average user spends 89 minutes a day on the platform.

Eighty-nine minutes is definitely a long time to devote to an app. Eighty-nine minutes, however, means that companies have invaluable opportunities to capture public attention and generate interest.

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If you want to take part in the action, keep reading to discover high-quality ideas for posting content on TikTok.

What is TikTok?

As an update, TikTok is a social networking platform where users can record, edit and share video content. These videos can last between 15 seconds and three minutes, creating a wide opportunity for all types of content to take center stage.

What to post on TikTok

Let’s review some high-quality ideas and content examples that you can post on TikTok.

1. Routine day-to-day videos.

Routine daily videos give viewers an insight into how your business works.

Share the processes that bring your products or services to life, and it can be a fun way to connect through a backstage look. Taking advantage of this tip, it’s a good practice to create a daily routine video that includes the day-to-day tasks that are most relevant to your business.

Glass Half Full is a small Louisiana company that diverts glass products from landfills by collecting used glass material and recycling it into sand and glass. Use TikTok to raise awareness and interest in your business, and the following video shows what a day of glass collection and recycling is like.

2. Share content that reflects your brand values.

Content that reflects the values ​​of a brand or company performs better on social media and has the third highest ROI of any type of content. Customers are also more concerned now than ever with the causes that defend their favorite businesses and use them as a factor in their purchasing decisions.

As such, sharing your brand values ​​on TikTok is a valuable way to connect with your audience. Those who advocate for the same causes as you will realize, and you have the potential to attract them as a customer.

However, make sure you are authentic with this practice, as consumers see companies that make false claims as exploitative and opportunistic.

3. Highlight your employees.

Highlighting employees puts a face to your brand and shows the public the people behind the products and services they love. It also humanizes your business and shares an exciting and unique look at your operation.

4. Educate your audience on relevant topics.

You can share information with your audience on TikTok that will educate them about things related to your industry or niche. If you are always committed to educating and helping, you will build authority and people will come back to you as a source of truth to continue learning more.

Jeeves is a dry cleaning service that shares useful and educational content with its audience. In the following video, an employee explains the importance of separating light and dark colors when washing clothes.

5. Create product campaigns and trigger new releases.

Carrying out product campaigns or mocking upcoming releases on TikTok can help you build excitement. Viewers know they can expect a great revelation on your page, and will be waiting by their seats and returning to your profile to see if you’ve posted more information.

Professional advice is to combine a campaign or product launch with a related and relevant sound or hashtag to gain more visibility from users scrolling through current trends.

6. Share a unique business story.

Sharing a narrative story about your business is an attractive way to connect with your audience, as these videos represent something that only your business can find. For example, customer focus or success stories, a life-cycle explanation of your products or services, or an exciting story about industry-related news relate exclusively to your business and what you offer.

One of the best things about TikTok is that the audience doesn’t expect high video output value, so you can just get an idea and turn on the camera and start filming.

7. Answer questions from the audience.

Answering questions is a great way to connect with your audience and build relationships. TikTokers usually ask questions without being asked, so you can browse your comments and create video answers to your questions, or take advantage of TikTok’s native Q&A feature.

One advantage is that answering questions allows you to understand customer issues with your business. If you see the same questions over and over again, you may need to know that you need to update your FAQ page or provide additional information on specific topics for your website.

In the following TikTok, Franziska, founder of Glass Half Full, responds to a comment in a video response about the company’s product launch practices.

8. Product demonstrations

Product demonstrations help your audience learn how to use your products in a digestible way. Instead of reading an instruction manual and deciphering pictures or following the process over the phone, they can see how someone is doing the steps and following.

9. Collaborate with relevant influencers.

Influencers have audiences who trust them and their values, so partnering with someone related to your niche is a valuable tool for building brand awareness and building your follow-up on TikTok. These partnerships are also a valuable form of social proof for viewers, which is an important factor in purchasing decisions.

You can take advantage of this tip and post influencer content on your profile, but you can also get influencers to share content on their profiles to expose you to a new audience.

TikTok ideas for small businesses

As a small business, you may be wondering if it’s worth creating another social media profile in another app.

Given that 92% of global TikTok users take action after watching a video and are 1.5 times more likely to go out immediately to buy something they have discovered on the platform, you have a chance to really create your own mark if you use the application.

The above ideas are valuable for both large and small businesses, and you can take advantage of many of them without a big budget. However, there are specific content ideas that are relevant to small businesses, and we’ll discuss them below.

1. Share your home story.

Sharing your small business unique source history humanizes your business and helps you connect with your audience. They will see clearly how you were and why you care about what you offer, and your video can also be a source of inspiration for your followers to start their own business endeavors.

As mentioned before, TikTok viewers don’t demand high production value, so you can tell your story as you see fit.

In the next TikTok, Pierce Woodward explains how his jewelry business, Brand Pierre, began his journey and became what it is today.

2. Highlight your production process.

Showing viewers what it’s like to create what you offer is exciting because they’ll see how things that matter to them come out. It also shows the hard work, dedication and care involved in creating what you offer, demonstrating your commitment to giving value to your customers.

Victoria Adrian is a textile artist who creates custom rugs and embroidery projects. He often shares his production process on TikTok, showing the care and thought involved in creating his products.

3. Use trendy sounds and hashtags.

Using trendy sounds and hashtags helps you create brand awareness for your small business, as your videos are visible to a wide audience. People who browse the sound or tag will see all the different videos that have been uploaded and have the potential to reach your video, click on your profile, and learn more about what you offer.

4. Duet and dot videos.

Duets and Stitches are ways to build on existing TikTok videos. With Duets, you add another user’s existing video, and with Stitch, you crop specific scenes from another user’s video to add to your video.

As a small business, using these native TikTok features allows you to interact with existing related content and engage in conversation with your audience. You can Stitch and Duet videos of anyone on the platform with the feature turned on, so you can even start conversations with users who may not know you exist.

Jeeves expertly uses the point function to answer questions from the audience. The following video is a clip from a video where someone asks how to take care of a piece of clothing.

5. Collaborate with relevant content creators.

Collaborating with content creators or influencers helps you gain exposure to a new audience relevant to what your business has to offer. By working with a content creator, you also benefit from the trust they have created with their audience that the products, services, and businesses they work with and use are reliable and worth doing business with.

At coffee time in New York City he teamed up with a group of sisters, snack sisters, who are influential in the New York food scene. The company posted the video on its profile, as well as sistersnacking, which featured some of the store’s products to its 147.6,000 followers.

6. Show what makes your business shine.

A great way to get people excited about your small business is to show them how good you are at what you do. This shows viewers exactly what they can expect from you, generating excitement and perhaps helping people decide to work with you based on your experience.

The Pool Guy, Miles Laflin, is a pool engineer in the UK who often posts videos about the pool cleaning process and the effectiveness of his work. It shows a picture of before and after that clearly shows how it brings the green and swamp pools to clear and ready to swim. He shows that he is good at his job, alerting potential customers that he can get his pool back to life.

To you

TikTok was once the app to watch in 2019.

Now, 52% of social media marketers who take advantage of the app plan to increase their investment in 2022. If you expect to enter the channel for the first time or improve your presence, the business examples on this list are a great source inspirational to begin with.

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