2023 Super Bowl National Anthem odds

Or say, can you see how you can turn The Star-Spangled Banner into cash in your wallet?

Yes, you heard that right. Even the national anthem is fair game when it comes to Super Bowl betting in the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII Sunday on FOX and the FOX Sports app.

And, believe it or not, there’s more than one way to bet on the anthem.

So, before Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton takes center stage to correct that, let’s look at how you can turn the Banner into a buck (likely via FOX Bet).

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Plus/minus (O/U) 125 seconds
More than: -115 (bet $10 to win $18.70 total)
Under: -115 (bet $10 to win $18.70 total)

Will Chris Stapleton miss a word?
Yes: +1000 (bet $10 to win $110 total)
No: -3000 (bet $10 to win $10.33 total)

Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes to sing the anthem?
Yes: -240 (bet $10 to win $14.17 total)
No: +175 (bet $10 to win $27.50 total)

Which coach will be shown first during the anthem?
Nick Sirianni: -105 (bet $10 to win $19.52 total)
Andy Reid: -120 (bet $10 to win $18.33 total)

*hypothetical odds as of 8/02/2023: Odds provided are speculative markets by FOX Bet Sportsbook for editorial content purposes only

Duration of the anthem

Take the over or under? This is the question. And honestly, betting the O/U on the anthem is almost as complicated as betting the 50.5 O/U on FOX Bet on the actual game.

Last year, country superstar Mickey Guyton sang a powerful rendition to kick off Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium, but his version clocked in at 110 seconds. Based on that, the Under looks like the best bet. However, if Mr. Tennessee Whiskey lets the notes of the national anthem linger as it does in its signature and lead song, Over is the way to go.

all the words

While we’re watching the clock for O/U, we also have to keep our ears peeled to make sure the country crooner is getting every word. The Star-Bangled Banner is a staple we’ve all heard countless times at sporting events, and Stapleton is sure to bring his A-game singing it. So we don’t expect any omitted words.

And based on FOX Bet’s extremely long hypothetical odds in this category, the bookies think the same.

Noting the duration of the unit vs. of the duration of the hymn

This reminds us of Jason McIntyre’s cross-sport on Joel Embiid’s points scored and the Eagles’ rushing yards. Instead of cross sports, though, we’ll call it cross market.

Will any scoring drive in the Super Bowl take less time than the performance of the national anthem? Well, the short answer is maybe.

Stapleton’s chant could push past the two-minute mark, and Jalen Hurts or Patrick Mahomes could design scoring drives in two-minute drills that would make that bet possible. They’re two of the best quarterbacks in the league, so it’s not too much of a stretch that Yes -240 could make you money.

However, the game could be a chess match where the defenses make it difficult for the quarterbacks to get going. In this type of matchup, offenses would be less likely to score quickly. And if we’re going by the “defense wins championships” theory, then No. +175 looks promising.

The novice or the vet

Which coach will viewers see on camera first during the anthem: Nick Sirianni, the first Super Bowl coach, or veteran Andy Reid, making his fourth appearance in the Big Game?

Sirianni will almost certainly have first-day-of-school jitters as he makes his head coaching debut on the NFL’s biggest stage. Reid, though, will probably be cool as an aloha shirt since he’s been there, done that.

But let’s put on our producer hats for a moment.

If we’re deciding which manager to pass on camera first, we’re definitely capturing Sirianni during those precious pre-match moments in the most important moment of his career. So, if you could lose some money on these hypothetical odds, our hypothetical in-house producer says Sirianni -105 is a lock.

Well there you have it folks. Francis Scott Key surely never imagined that his best poem would become a profitable gamble, but here we are. Now is the time for you to have some fun and place some Super Bowl bets.

Head over to FOX Bet and get in on the Big Game action right now!

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