2024 World Series odds: Braves favored, Yankees on the move after Juan Soto trade

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It’s the MLB’s offseason, but the 2024 World Series odds are already on the move.

And every baseball fan and bettor is watching closely to see where Shohei Ohtani signs next.

MLB Insider Jon Morosi reported that the Toronto Blue Jays are one of the final teams that Ohtani is considering for his next move. This rumor shortened Toronto’s World Series odds to +1200 from +1400. 

Other news causing a shift in MLB futures is the news of the trade sending Juan Soto to the New York Yankees.

The Yankees had the sixth-shortest odds to win next season’s Fall Classic at +1400 before the Winter Meetings. 

After the news of the Soto deal, the Yankees’ title odds shortened to +700, putting them third behind the Atlanta Braves (+600) and Los Angeles Dodgers (+700) on the oddsboard.

As of Friday morning, the odds have slightly shifted, with New York sitting at +950 to win it all, now also behind the Houston Astros (+850) and Texas Rangers  (+900).

“The front office deserves a lot of credit here for getting this done,” FOX Sports MLB analyst Ben Verlander said regarding the trade. “They used to want their guy, and they would go get him, and it would be a done deal.

“Well, this felt like that.”

While we wait for the news of Shohei Ohtani’s latest destination, let’s take a look at every team’s 2024 World Series odds.

Odds to win 2024 World Series *

Atlanta Braves: +600 (bet $10 to win $70 total)
Los Angeles Dodgers: +700 (bet $10 to win $80 total)
Houston Astros: +850 (bet $10 to win $95 total)
Texas Rangers: +900 (bet $10 to win $100 total)
New York Yankees: +950 (bet $10 to win $105 total)
Philadelphia Phillies: +1000 (bet $10 to win $110 total)
Toronto Blue Jays: +1200 (bet $10 to win $130 total)
Baltimore Orioles: +1500 (bet $10 to win $160 total)
Minnesota Twins: +2000 (bet $10 to win $210 total)
Seattle Mariners: +2000 (bet $10 to win $210 total)
Tampa Bay Rays: +2200 (bet $10 to win $230 total)
New York Mets: +2400 (bet $10 to win $250 total)
St. Louis Cardinals: +2500 (bet $10 to win $260 total)
San Diego Padres: +3500 (bet $10 to win $360 total)
Arizona Diamondbacks: +3500 (bet $10 to win $360 total)
Chicago Cubs: +3500 (bet $10 to win $360 total)
Boston Red Sox: +3500 (bet $10 to win $360 total)
Milwaukee Brewers: +3800 (bet $10 to win $390 total)
San Francisco Giants: +3800 (bet $10 to win $390 total)
Cincinnati Reds: +4200 (bet $10 to win $430 total)
Cleveland Guardians: +5500 (bet $10 to win $560 total)
Detroit Tigers: +6000 (bet $10 to win $610 total)
Miami Marlins: +6500 (bet $10 to win $660 total)
Los Angeles Angels: +10000 (bet $10 to win $1,010 total)
Pittsburgh Pirates: +10000 (bet $10 to win $1,010 total)
Chicago White Sox: +16000 (bet $10 to win $1,610 total)
Washington Nationals: +17000 (bet $10 to win $1,710 total)
Kansas City Royals: +17000 (bet $10 to win $1,710 total)
Oakland A’s: +25000 (bet $10 to win $2,510 total)
Colorado Rockies: +25000 (bet $10 to win $2,510 total)

* odds as of 12/8/2023

The odds also moved for New York to win the American League pennant.

The Yankees are now third on the oddsboard to win the AL Pennant at +500.

FOX Sports MLB Writer Deesa Thosar and MLB Analyst Jordan Shusterman analyzed the blockbuster trade.

“The Yankees simply had to trade for Soto, no matter the pitchers and prospects they hoped to keep,” Thosar said. “Now, they appear to be all-in on 2024 and, at least on paper, look more like the Evil Empire again. Gotta give credit where credit is due.”

“After going all-in on 2023 and falling just short of a postseason berth, the Padres are clearly intent on reallocating their resources this offseason,” Shusterman said. “Soto was due to earn $35 million and will be a free agent after next season, while San Diego entered this winter with massive holes in its staff and a lineup stacked with enough stars to atone for the loss of one of baseball’s top sluggers.

“The Padres currently don’t have the rotation of a contender, but they took a positive step on that front with this bittersweet trade.”

When analyzing the past, an early wager can pay off nicely – the Rangers were +4500 entering the season.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, who fell three wins short of the title, were +12500 entering the season.

Including the Rangers, six of the past seven champions have had preseason odds of +1000 or longer (the 2020 Dodgers at +385 are the exception).

Preseason long-shot bettors had their golden era from 2010-15 when teams with +2000 odds or longer hoisted the trophy:

2015: Royals (+3300)
2014: Giants (+2500)
2013: Red Sox (+2800)
2012: Giants (+2000)
2011: Cardinals (+2500)
2010: Giants (+2500)

The teams with the shortest preseason odds to win it all since 1985 were the Yankees in 1999 (+200) and 2000 (+250).

The longest shots to win the Fall Classic since 1985 were the 1991 Twins (+8000), 2003 Marlins (+7500), 1987 Twins (+5000) and 2002 Angels (+4000).

Which team do you like to win the next World Series? One of the big dogs in the Braves or Dodgers? Or a long shot? Follow FOX Sports for the latest news in MLB.

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