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Contribution from Andrea Heuston, chapter member of EO US West Bridge who coaches leaders of Fortune 100 companies, best-selling author and CEO of Artitudes, a full-service design company specializing in executive presentations, branding and marketing visual. .

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“Never be so expert that you stop gaining experience.” – Denis Waitley

There is nothing more humble than a teacher being a student again. Whenever I am faced with the opportunity to grow inside my current area of ​​genius, I jump for it.

This is what the EO Global Speakers Academy (GSA) was for me – the most shocking experience I have ever had within EO, to my total joy and some surprise!

As a speaker with over 20 years of experience, I know what it takes to become a very effective speaker. However, as a member of EO, there is a dichotomy within me: on the one hand, a deep level of experience and passion for my field (speaker coaching); on the other, an inextinguishable thirst for learning and a deep love for growth (which, depending on the day, sometimes seems more like the imposter syndrome). Maybe you relate.

Like many entrepreneurs, my experience in speaker coaching had an informal start. Colleagues, leaders, friends, and members of my network would say things like, “Andrea, you’re great at public speaking; can you teach me to be great too?”

At first, I wasn’t sure: I could teach someone like to be great on a stage? It’s something innate to some of us simply to own, or it is a skill that can be after?

I formalized my knowledge and methodology and since then I have had the privilege of working with C-suite leaders from Fortune 100 companies around the world, shaping each of them into what I like to call a “superheroes.” Over the years, I have perfected best practices to deliver impactful talks, as well as habits and tricks for everything from cadence to body language and content.

In the process, I’ve even been dubbed the “script whisperer”.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to attend GSA, a five-day program that helps entrepreneurs design their signature talk, I was skeptical at first.

In the spirit of radical sincerity, I remember wondering, “What else could I learn about this subject?”

Also, the idea of ​​moving away from the business for more than 9 hours a day for an entire week seemed daunting. Still, all the employers I met talked at length about working “on” the business instead of “on” it. I could overcome that concern by moving away and focusing on something bigger over a period of time, right?

So despite my breadth of knowledge and experience on a professional level, I gave GSA a chance, and the results really surprised me.

GSA was an immersive and intense experience, almost like a training camp. The team of instructors was remarkable (I even had several of them on my podcast as guests long after GSA had wrapped up). They had worked with the highest names in business, sports and live entertainment. We were in capable hands.

Still, I felt a little uneasy. Like many (all) entrepreneurs, I don’t do very well when I’m told what to do. However, at GSA it seemed like the opposite was happening: the material was so fascinating that I found myself wanting to be trained, corrected, to be taught something new and to be seen from an external perspective.

Specifically, here are three things I learned from GSA that every entrepreneur could benefit from:

1. Confidence

Confidence is a ladder, one by which we can always climb higher. This is especially true for all people, but in the roller coaster of everyday entrepreneurial life, trust has a premium. GSA provided tools that each member of the cohort could use in their daily lives, whether they were in front of five or 500 people. We’ve learned to not only “talk” to someone, but to really relate to them on a meaningful level. We left with greater confidence not only in how we speak but in the value of what we are talking about i why it matters.

2. Community

The EO community is arguably one of the highlights of our membership, and immersive environments like GSA take it to another level completely. We really felt like a small family. I felt grateful to have established relationships with people from Canada, the US, Mexico, the UK and the Middle East, wonderful people I wouldn’t necessarily have known otherwise. When you spend whole days in an immersive context sharing some of your most personal stories, vulnerability often helps to build bonds, and those bonds impacted me in a real way. Instamacia, in its deepest. Those connections also offered new perspectives, new ideas, and new ideas, many of which I would never have been able to see for myself.

3. Capacity

My best explanation of GSA came to me in the form of a good reminder: public speaking is not something that only “public speakers” or those with aspirations to go on stage should practice. The skills and abilities we develop through speaker training can be applied to our daily professional lives, whether we dream of giving a TED Talk or want to connect better with our teams; whether we need to introduce new capital increases or want to participate in more networks. Having these transformative storytelling skills can be a game changer for entrepreneurs.

From GSA, I have adopted new skills both in my own masterclasses and in my training practice for others. I have perfected the confidence that it will bring more value not only to my company but also to my personal life. However, the residual effect for which I feel a particular gratitude is the reminder that, no matter how deep our experience, we can always learn something new and feel genuine joy in the process.

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