3 Tips for Landing Top Talent

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Hiring new employees is an exciting opportunity to bring a new perspective and a unique experience to your business. It can be a sign of a growing business and you need someone who shares the same values ​​and drive as your organization. However, filtering through a sea of ​​applications is time consuming and inefficient. Not only is the high volume of resumes enough to pass, but discovering quality talent is no easy task.


Hiring a new candidate can be expensive, and the cost of hiring the wrong person is even higher. That’s why investing in a good hiring strategy is the key to success. It’s no secret that all companies want to incorporate rock stars and highly motivated people, but what’s the best way to hire employees?

1. Post to online jobs.

In this modern age of hiring, online jobs are one of the first places where job seekers look for vacancies. As such, they are among the best ways to hire employees.

Online jobs can filter through criteria such as salary, experience level, location, etc., while the job produces relevant functions. From a business perspective, job boards are part of a solid hiring strategy because they streamline the process.

ZipRecruiter, for example, simplifies hiring with powerful artificial intelligence matching technology that serves highly qualified people on your list before they apply to your business. It’s like having an automated list of experienced candidates. This is one of the reasons why ZipRecruiter is ranked No. 1 job in the United States.1.

Companies can also use ZipRecruiter’s Invite to Apply feature to invite the best candidates to apply for jobs. ZipRecuiter says jobs where employers use the Invite to Apply feature receive more than 2.5 times as many candidates.

2. Take advantage of employee references.

What better way to practice selective hiring than with employee referrals? You can reach out to quality talent by leveraging your employees’ networks. They will be able to determine if someone is adapting well to the culture and if their experience is suitable for a role.

By offering bonuses such as PTOs, vouchers and cash, you encourage current employees to provide potential customers at an affordable price to your business.

3. Be transparent with job candidates.

Your first impression is important, as is the way you handle applicants throughout the hiring process. Even if someone is not suitable for a specific role, it is essential to stay relevant and have a mind. Maintain open and transparent communication during each phase.

Popular jobs like ZipRecruiter can save your hiring managers and recruiters time while allowing for personalized communications by synchronizing with candidate tracking systems. Not only does it keep things organized, but this handy feature also allows you to manage every step, from hiring to joining.

1 Based on G2 satisfaction scores as of December 31, 2020

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