3 Tips to Help Freelancers Grow Their Business

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Being self-employed has many advantages. Self-employed people often love what they do and are more dedicated to their work because they are passionate about it. In recent years, self-employment has allowed more and more people to pursue their dreams instead of a more traditional 9-5 job.

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Self-employment is hard work, but you can still grow your business

That said, being self-employed is hard work. The self-employed lack many things that people with more traditional jobs have to help them. This is especially true in the early stages of growing your business.

Self-employed people often start with no customers and no connections in their industry and have no guaranteed income until they cannot get customers. As a result, they often struggle to create sustainable income.

Here are 6 tips to help freelancers grow their business.

  • Learn to maximize productivity

As a freelancer, you may be paid for your work instead of how many hours you work. If this is the case, the more productive you are, the more jobs you can take on and the more money you will earn. Even if the job doesn’t pay you, maximizing your productivity is in your best interest.

You’ll be able to meet deadlines more efficiently and have more time to focus on other parts of your business.

Find out how you work best

Everyone has their own ways of working and maximizing productivity. However, finding the best way to work is essential to being a productive freelancer.

A standard method is to eliminate distractions. In practice, avoiding distractions is different for everyone, but it often involves using technology and creating an environment conducive to working effectively. For example, consider turning off the phone or not disturbing it during business hours.

Some work best in a quiet room while others prefer to listen to music. Most people work best when they are alone and without distractions. Set hours during the day that will allow you to work on your business. Make these the same hours each day, if possible, to create a routine that you can get used to.

Set goals and track your progress.

Setting goals helps you organize the different things you need to do your job, which are many for the self-employed. It can also help keep people motivated to complete tasks by attaching a goal to the item listed.

Make sure these goals are specific and of a temporary duration. Also, make sure that your goals are relevant to the larger goal of growing your business. With each goal in mind, ask yourself, “Will this goal help me grow my business, and if so, how?”

Then keep track of how you’re doing and your different goals. Also, be sure to list the things you need to do to achieve your goals and keep track of them as you reach them.

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

Going to bed and waking up at constant hours each day can increase alertness and productivity, according to you Andrew Huberman, Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. Going to bed at a constant time is important because humans have a circadian rhythm, configured to release certain hormones associated with waking and sleeping at certain times of the day and night.

The most critical factor in your circadian rhythm is light, specifically sunlight. Therefore, regulating your circadian rhythm (going to bed and waking up at about the same time each day, preferably waking up a few hours after sunrise and going to bed 14 to 18 hours later) will increase. your level of alertness and productivity throughout the day. the day.

  • Develop a relationship with your customers

People are more likely to hire you if they know and trust you. So, first of all, you have to earn their trust the first time you contact them so that they can hire you. Trust also includes developing a relationship with them when you first work with them. In addition, you should do your best to stay involved with each client and foster a permanent relationship with them.

Communicate clearly and effectively with your clients so that they are both on the same page throughout the project. If necessary, ask questions so that you are aware of their expectations. Be honest about what you can offer them, so that their expectations will be met.

Gain their trust

Before a client hires you, they must trust you. To convince them that you are the right person for the job, there are some things you can do.

  • First, make a portfolio and update it regularly with your best and most up-to-date work. Then make your wallet easy to navigate so that customers don’t feel overwhelmed or confused.
  • SecondConsider making a website that shows your work and is visually appealing.
  • Third, When communicating with potential customers, try to have face-to-face meetings or video calls where you can talk about their expectations. Respond to your communications quickly and thoroughly.
  • FinallyOn your website and in any advertising you do, make it easy for potential customers to know what they need to know about you and your service.

Develop a relationship with your customers

Once hired, it is essential to develop a relationship with the customer. As you work with them, ask what their goals are for your business. As you better understand your business, you’ll know what they want from your service. More importantly, they will feel that you are more invested in them and their business.

Also, do your best to get to know them outside of your business, and also encourage a personal relationship. Finally, keep it up in the loop by sending them regular progress updates and samples of how the project is progressing.

Ask them each time if this is what they expect or if they would like you to change something. Give them ideas on how they could be improved or other things they could do. Even if they don’t use your ideas, they will feel that you are committed to their company and their dreams.

Make the relationship permanent

When you’re done working with a client, ask them for feedback on your work and overall experience. Ask them if their expectations have been met and if they would have liked you to do something different.

Be open to your response and any constructive criticism you may be willing to make. Also, ask if there is anything else you need to do that you can do. Also, ask if someone you know, especially someone in your industry, needs your services.

Asking if they need extra work or if they know someone who does can get you more work (more information below). In the future, follow up with old clients by asking them how things are going personally and professionally. Be genuinely interested in what they are trying to achieve and remember the details, even write them down if necessary.

  • Increase the number of leads you have

It’s a simple business idea: the bigger the net, the more fish you can fish. Larger companies often have many long-term customers or will make important long-term agreements with several other companies. Therefore, if you are in a smaller business, you may need to find many potential customers on your own.

As mentioned above, a satisfied customer is often the best source of new customers, so make sure you do your best work and follow the tips above. Find new ways to get in touch and let people know you’re there. Only people who know you exist will hire you and see what you do.

Advertising is a great way to reach new customers but it also has risks, so it has to be done right. In addition, there are several small things you can do to increase your customer base, which will be covered below.

Referrals, Repeats, and Outreach – What You Can Do Personally

Asking for referrals is great for finding more people to work with. Ask friends and family who need your services. Ask the people you have worked with if they know people who will benefit from your work. When you meet people in your day-to-day life, ask them if they or someone they know needs it. You can be your own free advertising machine.

Also, ask people you’ve worked with before about more potential opportunities with them. Creating regular customers is the best and fastest way to create sustainable income as a freelancer.

Go to local events

Also, consider attending local events where you can introduce yourself to your target demographic. For example, consider placing brochures in local places frequented by employers or entrepreneurs.

Finally, join freelance sites and add your portfolio. Many self-employed people benefit from learning a new skill and opening up to an additional market. If you choose to attend events, notify your previous customers of your unique ability. Ask them if they need your new skill.

Asking customers these questions about your newly acquired skill means that every customer you’ve worked with has another chance to hire you or refer you to someone else. If they are satisfied with your previous job, they are more likely to hire you again.

Finally, if none of these work as you expect, cold disclosure can be effective, though less so than many other things discussed here. Cold calling refers to the use of the cold calling method across multiple platforms. For example, many freelancers join online groups or forums and offer services (Facebook and Reddit are standard options).


Advertising can be very beneficial for a standalone business, especially when you are just starting out. The downside of advertising is that it costs money and therefore, if advertising is ineffective, it means a net loss for your business.

You don’t want to advertise because every ad you post should be worth the money you put into it.

Many people choose to use Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube advertising platforms, but others do. The most important thing to remember is that ads should be simple. If someone doesn’t know what you’re offering and how to access it (contact you, go to your website, etc.) in seconds, your ad won’t be worth it.

Make sure you know why you are showing your ad and what you want them to do. Explain concisely who you are, what you do, why they should hire you, and how they can contact you.

Make sure it’s easy for customers to do their part. You want to make it easier for a new or repeat customer to enter or contact your contact information.

Take a look at how successful these ads are and how they are targeted to different groups. Collect data that gives you accurate metrics for your ad information costs.

Effective ad serving can help your standalone business grow new customers, which is essential to making your business sustainable.

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