3 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman in Business

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If there’s one iconic symbol of female power that most companies can relate to, it’s Wonder Woman. Not only is she strong, persevering and determined to leave a positive mark on the world, but she also embodies other qualities that make her a true role model for all of us. To inspire you to pursue your dreams, believe in yourself, and use your entrepreneurial skills to make things happen, here are three powerful ways to unleash your inner Wonder Woman in business.

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1. Strength

For starters, the first quality that comes to mind when we think of Wonder Woman is its incredible strength. Like women entrepreneurs, strength is something we develop, especially when we face challenges, difficulties, and failures. Entrepreneurship is not for people with weak wills or for those who are easily intimidated. From overcoming obstacles and setbacks to facing rejection, opposition and competitors, strength is one of the most important qualities that any businesswoman must develop if she is to succeed.

But strength does not equate to coldness, a petty nature, or even being ab * tch. In fact, being strong means knowing how to communicate effectively so that people respect you. It also means stating your limits when necessary. Unfortunately, many business people think that “being strong” means being rude or insensitive. In fact, this is counterproductive, as it leads to toxic jobs and disgruntled colleagues or employees. So as you develop your strength, just imagine embodying the kind of power that Wonder Woman emanates.

2. Honesty

Second, another quality that Wonder Woman shows is honesty. With his magical “Lazo de la veridad”, he brings out the truth from all those who try to hide it. Well, in my opinion, this value is the one that should be most honored in business. While there will always be scammers, scammers and liars in business, the truth is that honesty is generally the best policy. Now, I’m not saying you need to reveal everything or over-share it (especially in negotiations or trade deals). But the truth goes a long way in building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. And, in today’s times, most of the time, the truth often comes to the surface.

Think of all the embarrassing situations in which notable business leaders and even celebrities have been found lying (especially when the “ugly truth” is exposed online). That said, it’s best to show your integrity if you expect to build quality relationships with people. They will always remember who they can trust and who they can trust when the impulse arrives.

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3. Compassion

Finally, the third quality that Wonder Woman possesses is her ability to express compassion. While we are all in the business of making money and fulfilling a mission, the bottom line is that the business is personal, as opposed to the outdated phrases we have all heard. Whenever you deal with other people (whether they are business partners, employees, or even people in your supply chain), always remember that people are only human and that they usually do the best they can. A quote I often remember when I meet a difficult person is “If you knew everything about everyone, you would forgive everyone.”

Now, I’m not saying to rule out misbehavior or misconduct. What I’m saying is that you may not realize what someone is experiencing beyond their job (e.g., a personal problem at home, mental health issues, or other psychological stressors). Therefore, taking a kind and compassionate approach to dealing with people will be very helpful. Again, your goal should be to achieve your goals as you build relationships that help all parties involved win and succeed.

Incorporating these three honorable values ​​into your business relationships will not only make jobs more harmonious, but will also improve relationships and a more enjoyable experience. The next time you go to a boardroom or a business deal, imagine that you embody Wonder Woman’s strength, honesty, and compassion. These three personal qualities (combined with your intelligence and passion for success) will make you truly unstoppable.

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