4 Ways to Been Seen as Reliable and Authentic

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When you are considered truly reliable, customers will have confidence in doing business with you. You can become a trusted resource in your niche, even if you are in a supersaturated market.

While you may have worked hard to develop quality service, this is just the starting point for building a reputation for reliability. Additional actions can go a long way in strengthening your reputation among your customers and your results.

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Set appropriate expectations

One of the most important things you can do to establish a reputation for reliability is to set the right expectations before a customer decides to do business with you. If they have unrealistic expectations about the type of service you offer or what your product can do, they may not be satisfied and leave negative reviews.

No matter what you sell, making product and service specifications readily available can help you set the right expectations.

For companies with a more involved sales process, sales staff should be trained on the capabilities of the company, while being provided with resources and referrals that can be provided as needed.

Provide accessible customer support

Of course, even after a customer decides to do business with you, there is no guarantee that all will be well. This does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your product. However, your ability to provide a viable solution when customers are in trouble is key to proving reliability.

In a recent conversation, Danny Sit, CEO of the smartphone maker NUU, explained: “If customers experience a problem, they need to be prepared to resolve it. Have support staff who handle live chat. social media, email, phone lines and more ensures a quick response, no matter how customers decide to contact you.

A timely resolution of a customer’s problem will keep them satisfied and ensure that they continue to see your brand in a positive light. Assessing response times for different methods of communication will help you identify areas where you can improve your customer service efforts.

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Encourage transparency

According to Neil Patel, 85 percent of customers are really looking for negative reviews so they can feel that they are making an informed purchase.

Deleting reviews can make your business look like it has something to hide. Instead, brands should comment on these negative comments with polite responses that try to work to find a solution. This shows potential customers that your brand has nothing to hide and that you take their satisfaction seriously. Reliable brands are always looking to work towards a winning solution.

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Give your team the right resources

Whether they have a function that is directly related to customers, such as sales and support, or work in the background, such as programming or product development, your internal team is what makes or breaks your ability to be truly reliable.

This does not necessarily mean simply throwing more money at a department.

An analysis of 84 quantitative studies on workplace resources and employee well-being and performance determined: “Established policies and practices to develop employees’ skills and abilities, motivate them to perform well, and provide opportunities to employees to make a discretionary effort, they are related to both the well-being and the performance of the employees “.

Creating a supportive business culture is what ultimately ensures that your team delivers a level of productivity that helps you become a more reliable brand.

When customers feel that they can really trust your brand, they will come to you again and again instead of thinking about buying from another company.

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