4 Ways to Use Your Online Calendar to Manage Your Kid’s Schedules

While kids don’t have to worry about keeping a job, paying bills, or anything else, they still stay incredibly busy. The school schedule is long and full of countless classes and activities. Outside of school, they will want to do extracurricular activities, go out with friends and find time to play video games. There are so many things to do. Here’s how to manage your children’s schedules with your online calendar.

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Both parents and children can benefit greatly from using an online calendar. This tool helps parents keep track of each child’s schedule and helps them plan their time more efficiently. Skills cultivated through the use of the calendar will last a lifetime.

This guide is intended to help parents manage their children’s schedules a little better. The following are examples of how online calendar features can help you organize schedules and manage time more effectively for both parents and children:

1. Differentiate each schedule

The first struggle to manage the schedules of several children is to keep track of each of them separately. Each child belongs to a different age group and will participate in different events than their siblings. Parents can get mixed up easily and feel stressed trying to juggle everything.

Online calendars can help even the busiest families keep everything tidy. Try to use a color-coding tool to differentiate each child’s schedule. That way, a quick glance will tell you which child should be in what place and at what time each day.

Another option is to create multiple calendars, one for each child. You can then share each calendar with yourself and create different views. Plus, you can change each calendar individually, so there’s less hassle when you only need to review a specific child’s day.

2. Sync with your own calendar

Your own schedule is essential when trying to manage the programs and plans of others, especially members of your own family. Too many parents miss a dance recital or a sports championship game because they are tied to work or other personal commitments. You only have one chance to raise a child, so synchronize your calendar with theirs so you can be with them every step of the way.

When you sync your personal calendar with what you’ve created for your children, you’ll be able to align schedules more efficiently. For example, suppose the deadline for an upcoming work project coincides with a parent-teacher conference. In this case, you can check it in advance and make the necessary adjustments to get the job done soon. As a result, you won’t miss a step in your professional space as long as you continue to make time for your family.

Synchronizing with a partner’s schedule allows for these same benefits, especially when driving commitments need to be planned and discussed. You can even consider sharing calendar events with grandparents, friends, and other family members. This will allow them to attend events or ask for help with things like car sharing.

3. Keep track of deadlines and commitments

Adulthood is known to be full of deadlines and responsibilities not associated with the carefree life that is childhood. While this may be true to some extent, children still have essential deadlines and commitments that they must meet. Whether it’s homework or a date with a friend, an online calendar will help kids manage all the deadlines and commitments on their agenda.

The first reason this is important is that it teaches your children valuable lessons. They are expected to maintain their commitment and there are consequences for not doing so. They will also learn practical skills in time management and hard work when working to meet the deadlines they have set on their schedule.

Just remember, they are still kids at the end of the day. Maintaining concentration all day is a challenge even for adults. An online calendar allows you to consult your deadlines and commitments. In addition, you can lend a hand by setting reminders as the due dates approach.

4. Find the right balance

Undoubtedly, children benefit from staying active. Having a lot of activities planned keeps them out of their devices and out of general trouble. However, children can also burn or become overloaded when they have too much on the plate. With an online calendar, you can help them find the right balance between being busy and having the right downtime.

One of the most significant features of the Calendar is its calendar analysis. This tool keeps track of all the events you enter in your calendar and obtains time usage data for you to watch. For example, you can see how many hours have been spent playing football. If the hours start to seem overwhelming, you can start looking for a club that plays fewer games and is less demanding.

Finding the right balance with an online calendar can include intentionally planning your children’s downtime. With the same ease, you can block a time to read how you can create an event for the summer house. With essential tasks like reading time (especially with very young children) and family dinners written on a calendar, you won’t overwrite them with busier things.

Time does not slow down for everyone, but you can learn to manage it better by prolonging the use of an online calendar. So start using your Calendar today and you will soon be a master at balancing schedules and devoting time to each person, place and important thing in your life.

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