5 Ways to Delight Your Customers With Email Marketing

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Did you know that 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by companies via email? Millennials will do nothing to stop it. With an average of 6.4 hours a day, they use email more than any other age group.

The potential to get there and convert them is there. Every email you send keeps your business at the forefront and you have a chance to make sales. However, many companies struggle with click-through rates and generate buzz. They do not have the ability to deliver and participate.

On the other hand, look at successful companies and you will find that they will do their best to exceed expectations. The good news is that their actions are pretty easy to emulate. Let’s look at some of the ways you can also start delighting your customers, one email at a time.

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1. Make it personal, at least tell them by name

The days of letters beginning with “Dear Sir or Madam” are long gone. The modern customer has come to expect a high degree of customization. At a minimum, your emails should be addressed to the recipient by name. Are you doing this?

The more you can adjust your personalization, the more effective your emails will be. Start by looking at the type of data you have collected and think about how you can use it to target specific groups of subscribers.

Customization makes the customer feel like you care and they are not just one more entry into your database. Also, knowing who your customers are helps you serve them better.

2. Remember special occasions

What brands are people loyal to? They are the ones who cater to their audience and make them feel special. Your customers always have another option. So one way to delight them is through emails tailored to their lives.

There are so many occasions you can score. Use your imagination. For example, suppose your business is jewelry. Could you automate a promotion for everyone who bought a wedding ring with a special offer? They may not be sure what birthday gift they should get, or think about what a lifesaver you would be if your email were the one that reminded them of the event. Not only could you keep your customer out of the hot water, but you can only make one sale.

These little things contribute greatly to customer loyalty and can also increase sales. You can delight your customers with these important events by giving them an idea and also expressing gratitude for their sponsorship. Small efforts to show kinship will not go unnoticed. Whenever you can use email marketing to strengthen your connection it’s a win.

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3. Let people choose how often they hear from you

Allowing your email subscribers to set preferences is of great value to them, and to you. Some of the people on your list have a long time and don’t mind receiving constant emails from you. Others may receive a lot of emails or just want to know less. They don’t necessarily want to unsubscribe, but they only want one or two emails a month. Don’t make them feel like they have to abandon you.

So what would you do? Put the ball on your court. Allow them to choose how often they hear from you and also consider allowing preferences about the types of emails they would like to receive.

4. Delight your customers by giving them an occasional gift

Sometimes the best things are a surprise and your subscribers are likely to agree. Unilateral and self-promotional e-newsletters are beginning to be used by people who subscribe to them. Sure, they expect you to talk to them about sales and product launches, but sometimes you should show how generous you can be.

At least once a year, do something just because. You may offer free shipping for a few days or a free bonus on each purchase. Depending on what you sell, it could also be something you create specifically to give away.

Strive for something you can be proud of: an e-book, a guide, an infographic, or even an audiobook or video download. Make it useful and people will appreciate it. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to send a good message about your brand.

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5. Show constantly with useful content

Successful email marketers are always raising the bar. They ask tough questions, such as “How can I have better emails?” and “Where are my weaknesses?” One thing that won’t cut it is just cost. These emails are usually easy to spot, but hard to notice.

Making an exceptional email isn’t easy, but you need to do it consistently. Not being punctual with your emails will cost you in many ways. Sending emails with a set schedule (such as every Tuesday or the first day of the month) will improve your delivery capacity.

When you submit a schedule, you are less likely to be categorized as a spammer. Spammers and amateurs send emails at random. The less you look like a spammer, the better your sender score and the more likely you are to reach your inbox.

It should be noted that emails that do not reach your inbox have no chance of success. That’s why you should send emails that people open and also practice regular email hygiene to remove inactive and invalid emails from the list.

So what can you learn from the emails you receive? You will learn to enjoy your emails more by looking closely and thinking about the newsletters and promotions you send. Every email should have a purpose. If it doesn’t serve someone, what good is it?

It’s also worth learning from the emails you receive (both personal and marketing). Did you receive an email you loved recently? Ask yourself why. What ingenuity or brilliance do the great emails you can adopt or learn have? Stay tuned and learn from the best.

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