6 Brilliant Strategies For Boosting Awareness For Your E-commerce Brand

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There was a time when only big companies thought about making their brands popular. But today, every business, big or small, owes its success to creating memorable brands and generating more awareness around them.

Brand awareness is the backbone of a good brand strategy. It is essential to generate customer loyalty. It calls for constant efforts from the day the brand was launched.

Enhance brand awareness

Here are some tried and tested strategies to generate more awareness for your eCommerce brand.

Tell your story

Every business, no matter how ordinary it may seem, has a story to tell.

Be a storyteller. Let everyone know why you started the business and what your struggles were. Share your passions. Introduce your team. Talk about your goals and achievements.

Your customers are eager to learn more about your company as much as they are interested in your products. When they learn about what’s happening in your business, they can better relate to your brand identity.

Publish your story on your website, Instagram and Facebook. Make the narrative compelling. When customers read your narrative, they will instantly connect with the brand.

Use conscious packaging

Unpacking a well-packaged product is always a memorable experience. Thoughtful and meticulous packaging leaves a good impression on users. This is why product packaging can significantly increase your brand awareness.

Highlight your brand’s value proposition through branded or custom-designed packaging. This will give your customers a general sense of the brand.

Make sure the packaging material is of good quality and environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your packaging. You can add a note addressing the customer by name, appreciating their patronage of your small business and making them feel proud of their purchase.

Advertise yourself smartly

Advertising is necessary to increase sales. Consider how you advertise your products and services and which platforms you choose.

Paid social media advertising is great for generating more brand awareness as your products and story are shown to a well-defined target audience.

Consider remarketing ads to target potential customers who have already shown interest in your products and brand.

Bring some character to your ads. Add some humor, drama, or both.

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Get influencers on board

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days. It’s an inexpensive and powerful way to get attention on social media platforms.

Make friends with people and other small businesses who are already popular on social media. Collaborate with them to get a good following and reputation on social media.

It’s easy to get noticed through influencer marketing, but attention can fade just as quickly. To stay current and trending, you need to keep your collaborations live or connect with new influencers from time to time.

Get to work on the content

Content marketing can help your brand gain popularity quickly and bring continuous traffic to your business. While it helps you reach your target audience, it also helps your consumers in their buying journey.

Basic content marketing strategies involve getting your brand featured in guest blogs and vlogs. You can also send informative emails to your customers or create industry-relevant podcasts.

But remember that quality matters more than quantity. Engaging content that creates value for readers will make your content strategy effective.

Get noticed through contests

A great way to get consumers talking about your brand is by running contests on social media.

A simple contest that requires users to like and share your posts could dramatically increase your brand’s social media presence. You can also run a contest asking users to post a video or photo of your product. Or link it to a social cause.

This user-generated content is extremely valuable to new brands trying to get ahead of the competition.

Keep the excitement high. Give away exciting prizes. Announce the winners in style and celebrate their victory.

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As customers learn more about your brand, they become your patrons. They prefer your products because they believe in your business motto. They spread your brand and make you even more popular.

Once you’ve discovered the code to building awareness for your brand, you’ll reap continued benefits for your efforts. And we’re sure our tips will help you succeed in no time!

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