67 Mobile Business Ideas – Small Business Trends

Currently, you do not need a permanent location to start a business. There are plenty of mobile business ideas that can be done in your own time and at low startup cost.

What are mobile companies?

A mobile business is any business independent of location. Some require you to travel to guests, while others can be done from anywhere.

The mobile retail industry in 2022

The mobile retail industry includes any business that moves to multiple locations. This includes vendors at corporate events, food trucks and any mobile service provider.

Why People Should Consider Becoming Mobile Business Owners

If you are thinking of starting your own business in 2022, here are some of the key benefits of going mobile:

  • Save money: There are usually less costs associated with starting a mobile business, as you don’t need a dedicated location or large inventory.
  • Make your own schedule: When running your own mobile business, you can decide what jobs you want or events to attend. So there is a lot of freedom of time.
  • Go where your customers are: If you can move your business, you can grow your customer base by settling into special events or high-traffic areas.
  • Increase brand awareness: Your company’s vehicle can serve as integrated advertising as you move around the city.

The Best Mobile Business Ideas in 2022

If you are ready to start a mobile business this year, here are some key ideas to consider.

1. Mobile catering business

Caterers usually work at special events, so you only need a vehicle and some food and serving equipment.

2. Mobile living room

Start a mobile hairdresser where you take care of customers at home. You can even add additional offers, such as a mobile spa or make-up services.

3. Mobile Pet Hairdressing Business

The pet hairdressing industry is moving. Many pet owners prefer to keep their furry friends close to home. So become a mobile pet hairdresser with bathroom equipment in your own truck.

4. Mobile car rental

Visit the drivers at home to offer a car wash service and mobile details.

5. Mobile bicycle services

You can also offer bicycle restoration or repair services at guests ’homes.

6. Food Truck Business

Food trucks are installed at special events or high-traffic areas and offer a variety of unique menu options.

7. Mobile cleaning services

Visit guests at home to offer cleaning services or specialized options such as window washing.

8. Photography business

Photographers usually travel to their subjects. Focus on events, outdoor portraits or even pets.

More ideas for starting a mobile business

If you are looking for other mobile business ideas, here are options for small business owners.

9. Ice cream truck

An ice cream truck is technically a food truck, but this small business usually keeps moving all day instead of settling in one place.

10. Clothing store

A mobile store only needs a small inventory and a few racks of clothes to install in the city center or at festivals or fairs.

11. Mobile billboard

Create an advertising space next to or on top of your vehicle and rent it to local businesses to advertise.

12. Mobile mechanic

Provide car repairs without a physical location; you just need to have the basic tools in your vehicle and know the customers where they are.

13. Personal trainer

Work with clients at home or at local parks or gyms to provide personalized support for training.

14. Computer services

Provide technical support to local businesses or individuals by traveling to their locations.

15. Farmer’s market seller

Local farms or producers can offer their products by settling in different stands and events.

16. Mobile cafeteria

Offer coffee from a cart at events, office buildings, or high-traffic areas.

17. Party bus

Attend weddings and other large meetings with transportation services; you only need one or two large buses to accommodate many guests.

18. Independent Bookstore

Pick up books from used bookstores, property sales or private individuals and take a small inventory with you to set up a stand in different places.

19. Second hand shop

You can also pick up other used items and sell them in a mobile retail environment.

20. Home organizer

Home organizers go to customers ’homes and help them clean up clutter and set up storage systems.

21. Garbage disposal

Garbage removal services can clean up after construction projects or remove excess clutter.

22. Photography business with drones

Drone photographers can capture landscapes or serve real estate agents looking for aerial images of properties.

23. Tourist Guide

If you are in a busy area, offer excursions or information on local attractions.

24. Custom services

Charge a small fee for orders such as buying groceries and dry cleaning for local people.

25. Tutoring

Go to clients ’homes to help them with homework or test preparation.

26. Handle Services

A craft service can help with anything from hanging shelves to installing light fixtures in customers ’homes.

27. Event organizer

Event planning can be done primarily remotely. Just travel to the sites to help you with setup and preparation.

28. Landscaper

Go to customers ’homes to create unique designs for their outdoor spaces. Run the rest of the business remotely.

29. Head of household

Those looking to start a mobile power business can simply cook for customers in their home.

30. Costume consultant

Travel to each client to help them tidy up their closet and choose new clothes.

31. Event facilitator

Event animators can include anything from musicians to magicians and balloon animal artists.

32. Florist

Store a truck full of flowers and arrangements and put them up for sale or set up large exhibitions for customers and events.

33. Pet daycare

If you like animals, look at them for guests in their home while they travel.

34. Smart Home Installations

Technology experts can set up new features for the smart home, such as speakers and security systems.

35. Company consultant

Experienced entrepreneurs can offer their experience to novices from anywhere.

36. Home Care

Work with the elderly, children or people with disabilities, helping with daily chores and giving respite to family caregivers.

37. Travel blogs

Start your own blog and write about your travels. Earn revenue from ad sales or become an influencer on social media.

38. Yoga Instructor

It offers private yoga sessions or organizes classes in parks or studios.

39. Emerging events

Organize your own events in cities across the country where you sell goods or charge a small entrance fee.

40. Mobile photo booth

Add a camera and backdrop to your vehicle and offer photo booth services to event guests.

41. Mobile phone repairs

Travel to customers who have broken screens or other issues.

42. Laundry service

Go to each house to pick up the clothes and return them once they have been cleaned, dried and pressed.

43. Airport transfer service

Provide easy transportation to and from your local airports.

44. Corporate Transportation Service

Corporate transportation services typically offer luxury vehicles and pick up managers and customers at the airport or important meetings.

45. Worker Training Service

Travel to companies to provide training on new technological systems, processes or whatever your specialty.

46. ​​Message

Messengers deliver goods to different places. Work with companies in your area who need to get tangible items to customers or clients.

47. Locksmith

A mobile locksmith can install locks in homes or help customers get into their locked vehicles.

48. Food delivery

Provide your own delivery service for customers ordering takeaway or groceries.

49. Recycling Service

Collect recyclable items such as plastic or scrap from homes and businesses and take them to recycling centers.

50. Compost collection

Some organic consumers will also pay for compost collection, so you will collect food waste and turn it into compost for gardens.

51. Tool rental business

If you have a large selection of tools, leave them to customers to rent for a small fee.

52. Pool cleaning service

If you enjoy working out, go to guests ’homes and clean the pools periodically during the summer.

53. Painting Service

Painters also usually work in clients ’homes and do not need a specific location.

54. Glass tincture

Travel to customers ’vehicles to add a color or other unique features.

55. Massage therapy

Massage therapists can work with clients at home instead of a dedicated spa.

56. Dog walk

Take the dogs out of the neighborhood for a walk every day.

57. Personal Shopper

Collect groceries, clothing or other items for your customers.

58. Party rental provider

Rent items such as bounce houses, tents, tables and chairs for local meetings. Leave them to your customers.

59. Holiday decoration service

Help the owners in your area decorate for the holidays. You can offer interior decoration, hanging outdoor lights or both.

60. Landscaping Service

Those who like to work outdoors can offer lawn care, weed control and mulching during the spring and summer.

61. Painting and sip parties

Instead of opening a studio, help guests throw their own paint and drink parties at home. Just bring supplies and provide the item.

62. Home Inspector

Work with home buyers and real estate agents to offer inspections.

63. Notaries

Notaries certify documents for individuals and companies. Provide a mobile notary service for optimal convenience.

64. Electric washing service

All you need is an electric washing machine to help customers clean up cladding, sidewalks or other hard surfaces.

65. Windshield replacement service

Go to customers to replace their broken windshields right away.

66. Disc jockey

Offer DJ services for weddings or other events.

67. Home service provider

There are a lot of home service professions that only require training and a vehicle. You probably need a certification or license for things like plumbing, electrical work, and HVAC.

Which business is best for mobile?

Many companies lend themselves well to a mobile model. However, the food truck business is especially popular right now, and this can be a practical alternative to starting a traditional restaurant.

What are the advantages of mobile companies?

Running a cell phone business can offer advantages over buying a physical location or similar business models. Here are some specific benefits:

  • Cost savings: Because you don’t need a physical location or large inventory, you can save on start-up costs.
  • Greater freedom: Most mobile companies enjoy flexible hours, unlike other companies that may need fixed hours.
  • Wider customer base: You can travel to customers and use your company’s vehicles as free advertising.

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