7 Books That Will Help You Build a Better Business

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According to the Institute for Management Development, 92% of leaders feel the impact of digital disruption, but only 15% are “very prepared” to navigate their businesses.

By absorbing authors who have used their skills to advance their careers, you will learn to optimize your own talents and become a more influential leader, while also improving your business.

The art of tea by Steve Schwartz

It was a tragedy to turn this founder, CEO and international speaker into the success he has today. In The art of tea, Steve Schwartz explains how, after helping his mother overcome his terminal illness and his eventual death, he embarked on a global journey. This is where he learned the art and alchemy of tea making, along with its roots in ancient traditions. He devoted himself to bringing this soothing craft to the modern world. Eventually, his skills led him to work with companies such as Disney, Vera Wang and Wolfgang Puck. You will learn that taking a leap into your wildest passions can lead to a rewarding life.

How leadership works (actually). by Larry Yatch

Larry Yatch understands the components of leadership. After spending ten years as a Navy Sear Air and Land officer, he founded the successful SEALS program, which teaches workshops, skills and training to high-performing people in their respective fields. Yatch takes these premises and explains a six-step process How leadership works (actually).. If you choose to connect with a team and with yourself to climb the proverbial ladder, you will find better management and self-regulation styles.

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DISCOVER by Matt Hulett

Companies are set up in their organizational structures, but when companies deviate, Matt Hulett intervenes to help. With more than 30 years in the technology field, Hulett knows how to fix business and has earned more than $ 2 billion in revenue using his skills to assess everything from market trends to chain positions. supply. In DISCOVER, Hulett asks the reader five crucial questions to answer and therefore excel. His real-life examples of working at companies like Rosetta Stone, Expedia and RealNetworks contain invaluable lessons for any entrepreneur.

If nothing changes, nothing changes by Nick Dofornio with Michael DeMarco

When you want a change, you often have to be the change. This is true whether you are talking about business, family finances or friendships. In his autobiography If nothing changes, nothing changes, Nick Dofornio takes a look at his global career as IBM’s Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, discussing the challenges of his second-generation Italian family and ultimate success. His revolutionary ideas moved IBM into the 21st century and led it to become one Business Week 25 best champions of innovation.

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The 29-hour workday for Ethan and Stephanie Bull

What if you could improve and expand what you do during the day by adding an executive assistant? Would you know how to download the right amount of work for them? Ethan and Stephanie Bull’s combined skills in executive-level positions detail how to take control of your schedule from their great knowledge. In The 29-hour workdayBulls feature five performance multipliers to help you get the right EA so you can do it both of us Be successful. It’s hard to give up control for most leaders, but hiring the right assistant can be revolutionary, no matter what industry you’re in.

The next normal by Greg Giuliano

In The next normal Greg Giuliano details the use of his years in psychology to make money as an executive coach. It helps you establish an applicable framework to radically change the way you see yourself as a leader in your industry, all without losing your inherent skill set. With your framework, set up a system to renew your commitment to your employees and get important results.

More money, less hurry by Jess Lenovuel

Jess Lenovuel has a background as a real estate agent, marketing specialist, and industry thought leader to help you prepare a roadmap for getting your own rewards in the Internet age. Along with writing More money, less hurry, founded The Listing Lab to allow real estate agents to implement transformative changes in their strategies. This book recommends putting aside the unknowns of your business and starting to work smarter to grow you and your business toward lasting success.

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Bonus book recommendation:

Million dollar habits by Brian Tracy

The Entrepreneurial Press Million dollar habits, author Brian Tracy shares the habits of successful men and women so that readers can learn new strategies for thinking more effectively, making better decisions, and ultimately increasing their income. Lessons include organizing finances, increasing health and well-being, and how to play a leadership role in making visions a reality.

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