Aesthetic Intelligence Will Win Over Luxury Customers. Here’s Why.

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The concept of aesthetic value is not usually associated with financial value. Metrics and analytics cannot measure creativity, style, and taste. But aesthetic intelligence is a crucial element in luxury business strategy. It can improve or decrease the overall value of a business.

Aesthetic intelligence in business is about delighting and elevating the customer experience with the brand. That’s why elevating your aesthetic judgment and skills can help you win wealthy clients.

Awaken your aesthetic skills

If practice leads to polishing, then aesthetic skills can be awakened and learned. Aesthetic intelligence is being able to judge the quality not only of a product or service, but of the quality of everything that customers experience when they come in contact with the brand.

Applying aesthetic judgment means putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers and articulating how they perceive every interaction they have with the brand. This skill also requires understanding and interpreting the feelings provoked by a product or experience.

The ability to use all five senses and offer products that are a pleasure to buy and consume adds value to the business. The lack of this capacity means reducing the value of the company as a whole.

So important is to awaken your aesthetic skills and deepen your aesthetic learning. It takes effort to harness that other kind of intelligence, and even if you have a natural talent, you need to keep redefining your skills.

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Aesthetic learning for the longevity of the brand

Learning to notice the sensory elements in consumer reactions helps to improve products and the longevity of the brand. Luxury brands that know how to balance renewal and legacy and their products are the result of aesthetic learning. They take time to understand what aspects of their legacy are still relevant and what aspects are simply part of their past. The essence of their aesthetic intelligence lies in the editorial domain they possess.

Non-luxury sectors more focused on scale, efficiency and innovation often refuse to express their aesthetic intelligence. They see no commercial value in it. This misunderstanding has sometimes led to an undermining of both its financial and consumer value and ultimately to the useful life of a shorter brand.

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Build aesthetic skills

Modern consumers are looking for products that help them reconnect with nature and transform even the most everyday tasks into experiences. By strengthening your aesthetic skills, you will be better equipped to express the depth and meaning of your products and attract the humanity of customers.

Set the intention to reconnect with your natural senses. Observing only rationally will not be enough if you aspire to become a leader who genuinely understands, appreciates, and cares about the company’s value proposition.

Reconnecting with the natural senses requires adapting to the environment. The first step in building aesthetic skills is to understand how the natural senses work, which means developing a higher consciousness. Change your focus to how humans connect to places, community, nature, etc., and how they respond to different stimuli.

The second step is to interpret the emotional reactions to the sensory stimuli you have observed. You want to form an original aesthetic position, frame or ideal.

The next step is to articulate how you can express this aesthetic ideal for your brand. Provide clear instructions to your team on the aesthetic ideal and how to execute it. Ultimately, you want to cure a variety of aesthetic ideals to integrate them into your organization and brand.

The sound and shape of good taste

When creating business and digital experiences, luxury brands rely on the basic five-way language to elevate a brand’s codes, increase market share, build consumer loyalty, and create lasting value for the business. As distinct and visible identifiers of the brand, codes are constructed over time and rarely, if ever, changed.

To engage people’s senses and elevate your brand, first understand your brand codes and how the five senses can help refine them and capture consumer attention.

Browse your company’s files to extract your brand codes. Codes unite past and present and project the brand into the future. They are guidelines and must permeate all products and experiences with a spirit of consistency and quality.

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Key food

Developing your aesthetic skills will help you spot the changing aspirations and desires of your customers, and will help you conceive ideas that product design alone will not be able to offer. Five-way language can help you elevate your brand codes and establish lasting emotional connections with your customers.

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