Amazon Announces Prime Day 2022 for July 12-13

Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 has been announced from July 12-13, and it will be a good time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get great deals on items they may need.

Amazon announces Prime Day 2022 July 12-13

The two-day savings event also offers many opportunities for Amazon Affiliate partners, while customers will be able to purchase products from more national brands and third-party vendors than last year’s Prime Day. New offerings including fashion and electronics to toys and home accessories will be launched over the 48-hour period, and there will be even more savings on products in categories such as the most beloved by customers, the celebrities in Internet and a selection of Climate. Committed products.

“It’s never been easier” to buy and save

Prime Day will officially begin on July 12 at 3:00 AM EDT and will be available to Amazon Prime members in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Countries Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Poland and Sweden are also included for the first time. Prime Day bidding events will also be held in India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Egypt later in the summer.

Amazon Prime Vice President Jamil Ghani said: “With small businesses and national brands that our members love and trust, we are excited to offer some of our best Prime Day deals to even more customers at This year, we’re making it easy for members to find the best deals, from personalized offer recommendations to Alexa reminders. It’s never been easier for Prime members to buy, save, and make the most of Prime Day “.

Top Tips for Amazon Affiliates

Amazon has posted a list of tips for Amazon affiliate partners to help you prepare for Prime Day. The list includes planning tips, such as creating a single Prime Day Hub page for all of your Prime Day recommendations. Drive traffic to your Hub through links or hashtags to your online content.

They also recommend that you promote Amazon Prime members to your followers, as they will need a subscription to take advantage of all Prime Day offers. There is a monetary incentive and members earn a $ 3 commission for each free trial registration. You can also win with any purchase that meets the requirements for customers to add to their carts within 24 hours after clicking on your Amazon links (as long as they complete the purchase within 89 days).

Another recommendation is to create a social rumor around your Prime Day Hub long before the event. You should highlight key details about your products in the days and weeks leading up to Prime Day and use social tools such as Highlights, Countdown Clocks, and Polls to capture your audience. You can also create an activated Prime Day email list, providing real-time reminders and updates to your followers.

Once Prime Day begins, send real-time updates throughout the event via email and social media to highlight the great savings and discounts available around the world.

Remember that you only need to link to your site or center, and do not post any affiliate links to any paid social ads or email, as you will not receive credit for these sales.

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