Amazon Prime Day Deal: Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Is Half-Off Right Now

If there are any thing most of us can agree on, is that a good cup of joe is a great way to start the day right. glass half-full cup, if desired. What does a good cup of coffee, however, depends on your palate. The best first step? Refresh your coffee with freshly roasted beans. Atlas Coffee Club is one of our favorite coffee subscription services, and if you’ve never subscribed before, their Amazon Prime Day offer offers you a 50 percent discount until July 14th.

Atlas ships coffee from a new country every month, and you can choose your favorite type of roast, whether you want whole or ground beans, how many bags you want, and how often. (Learn more about why we like Atlas below.) The standard 12-ounce bag, which equates to about 30 cups, is usually $ 14, but the Prime Day promotion reduces it to just $ 7 for new subscribers. (Note: The price will be $ 14 again after the first shipment.)

On Prime Day itself (July 12 and 13), Atlas Coffee Club has two more offers to be posted. Its pack of 4 World of Coffee Sampler will have a 20 percent discount, at a cost of $ 20 ($ 5 discount), with free shipping. The set includes four 1.8-ounce bags of special coffee from four different countries and also includes unique postcards with tasting notes. Atlas also recently launched a tea subscription service and its 4 pack World of Tea Sampler will have a 30 percent discount, priced at $ 18 ($ 7 off), plus free shipping. Similarly, it includes four 15-gram bags of loose-leaf tea from four different countries, as well as unique postcards. We have yet to try their tea service, but it is well reviewed on the net.

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Atlas Coffee Club

Photography: Atlas Coffee

Why we like Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club collects uniquely sourced beans from more than 50 countries and roasts them himself in Austin, Texas, before sending them to your door. This means that your coffee is incredibly fresh, which is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your coffee. Their coffee bags are beautiful and themed around the country of origin, in addition you will receive a postcard about the country and another with the tasting notes of the coffee and the best way to make it. You can choose between whole or ground roasts, light to medium or medium to dark, or both, one, two or even half a bag, and if you want them to be delivered to you every two or four weeks.

All coffee subscriptions help you discover new beers and identify your favorite notes, but Atlas makes it easy for you to see what’s going on outside of your local Starbucks, from places like Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and Honduras. Considering the range, you may get a bag that you don’t like as much as the previous one, but we didn’t get any that we didn’t like very much during our years of testing.

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