American Well Corporation Stock May Well Be Bottoming

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Telehealth software company American Well Corporation (NASDAQ: AMWL) Shares have plummeted (-86%) since the highs after the IPO in 2021 during the recovery of the pandemic. Its shares have been in a bearish market since they reached their peak. American Well (Amwell) does not offer any medical services. Not to be confused with telehealth providers such as Teladoc (NASDAQ: TDOC), which connects patients to its network of physicians offering virtual medical services. American Well offers software platforms that use more than 2,000 hospital systems, including 55 health plan partners United Healthcare (NYSE: UNH) that more than 102,000 providers used to serve more than 80 million members. Its platform and products such as telemedicine carts allow patients to meet with their doctors remotely. The pandemic was a boon for telemedicine and Amwell was right in the middle of the tail winds. The trend of reopening is trying to normalize healthcare, but distance television and telehealth have proven to be convenient and cost-effective and have come to stay. The development and implementation of its industry-leading digital care delivery enabling platform “Converge” is well under way. Prudent investors looking for exposure in a pure gaming digital care provider may consider opportunistic setbacks to escalate into a speculative position. – MarketBeat

Publication of results for the first quarter of the financial year 2022

On May 9, 2022, Amwell released its first quarter 2022 tax results for the quarter ended March 2022. The company reported an adjusted loss of earnings per share (EPS) of (-0) , $ 26) excluding non-recurring items compared to consensus analysts’ estimates for a loss of ($ 0.20), missing estimates ($ -0.06). Revenue rose 11.5% year-over-year (YOY) to $ 64.2 million, below analysts’ estimates of $ 64.94 million. Gross margins improved to 42.8% from 38%. Total active suppliers rose to 102,000 from 91,000 last quarter. The total number of visits was 1.8 million compared to 1.5 million in the previous quarter. Subscription revenue was $ 28.7 million and visit revenue was $ 30.7 million. The company closed the quarter with $ 674.9 million. American Well co-CEO Dr. Ido Schoenberg commented: “The first quarter was a great start to an important year for Amwell. We made significant progress in launching Converge, our designed platform. to enable trusted healthcare providers to deliver the next generation of healthcare. “

Online guidance

American Well expects tax revenue for the full year of 2022 to be between $ 275 million and $ 285 million compared to $ 279.47 million. Adjusted EBITDA is expected to be between (-200 million dollars) and (-190 million dollars).

Takeaway calls

Co-CEO Schoenberg began by saying that the development and migration of customers to the Converge platform is on track. The company has surpassed the rapid deployments of Amwell Now customers and is beginning its most complex migrations. Amwell is an enabling provider of the provision of digital pure gaming care essential in the new era of hybrid healthcare. Visits to the Converge platform increased by more than 40% in 4Q 2021 and accounted for 10% of total visits in 1Q 2022. Its behavioral health platform SilverCloud has got off to a great start with its automated features combined with care virtual to support the health equity of patients in the post-pandemic era. It’s Converge is designed to connect healthcare teams to coordinate queries for better results and address healthcare team exhaustion. In a nutshell, CEO Schoenberg sums up the platform: “Converge offers options for managers to load balance and unload cases during peak hours and can improve the standard of care, simplifying integrations with new automation programs that improve Continuity between visits Designed to make the Converge incorporates rules and regulations, in addition to the documentation and payment systems that make the provision of digital care so complex.Our solution can unify the resources of the healthcare team and drive new efficient workflows to achieve the desired efficiencies so that teams can focus on providing care. “

The shares of American Well Corporation may be in the background

Opportunistic withdrawal levels AMWL

The use of rifle charts in weekly and daily time periods provides an accurate view of the landscape for the AMWL stock. Shares peaked at about $ 44.24 Fibonacci level (fib). on its post-IPO rise before falling to a low of $ 2.52. The weekly rifle chart attempts to reverse the downward trend as the 5-period weekly moving average (MA) rises to $ 3.24 to attempt a cross over the 15-period MA to $ 3.60. The weekly stochastic recovered the band of 20 while trying to move to the weekly Bollinger Bands (BB) above $ 5.10. The weekly Low Market Structure (MSL) purchase activated at the break of $ 3.30. The daily rifle chart formed a puppy break with 5-period MA support rising to $ 3.38, followed by 15-period MA to $ 3.08. The 50-day daily MA stands at $ 3.53 with the daily higher BBs at $ 3.88. The daily daily stochastic puppy rose through the 80 band. The 200-period daily MA is $ 6.18. Prudent investors should not chase, but wait for opportunistic withdrawal levels on the daily MSL trigger of $ 3.30, $ 2.94 fib, $ 2.74 fib, $ 2.52 fib, $ 2.28, 1, $ 72 fib and the $ 1.32 fib level. Upward trajectories range from $ 4.59 fib to the $ 7.56 fib level.

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