An Analysis of Buffer’s Top Social Posts of 2022

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to reflect on all the work you’ve done in 2022 and decide if you need to make any changes heading into the new year.

I am Mitra, the social media manager here at Buffer, and this is my first blog post! Today I’m sharing Buffer’s top performing social posts from each platform and giving you an analysis of why I think these posts performed so well. Not only is it fun to look back at our top posts from 2022, but it’s also a great way to understand how we need to shape our social strategy for 2023.

What metrics do we use to calculate these top posts?

At Buffer, we use engagement rate and impressions as our base metrics, so I’ll be sharing Buffer’s best Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn posts for each of these metrics.

And if you noticed that Facebook wasn’t included in that last sentence, it’s because the platform hasn’t been a priority for our social media strategy, as it’s not a channel where we’ve historically performed very well.

Now, let’s dive in to see Buffer’s top posts of 2022!


Top post based on engagement rate

That was fun. This meme was trending at the time and I knew we should join in with our own twist. We work four days a week and love to talk about it! So this meme was the perfect opportunity to laugh at how passionate we are about the four-day work week while telling everyone how much we love the four-day work week and how it works for us. A bit of a goal, right?

This post is a great example of how jumping on timely trends can pay off when executed well and staying true to your brand, and that’s exactly how I think it ended up with such a high engagement rate.

Primary publication based on impressions

This one ended up ruffling some feathers on Twitter. A lot of people took it like us saying we wanted bring them back to the office, which is the opposite of what we want!

I think this one worked really well because of a combination of things: going back to the office is a controversial topic, a lot of people were quoting tweeting their responses that put our tweet in front of their followers, and seeing the quoting tweets was encourage others to participate. with their own answers.

It was so fun to see all the replies to this tweet! Be sure to check out our TikTok roundup of our favorites.


You won’t catch us in the office 😎 And you? Is there anything that convinces you to return to the office? #remotework #wfh #remote #buffer #remoteteam #fullyremote #greenscreen #beyonce

♬ JAM SAUCE NO.1 – Jaycee Mante


Top post based on engagement rate

To be honest, I’m a little surprised to see a static image as our top post based on engagement rate. This chart is simple, informative, and gets right to the point where you should be focusing for your branding strategy.

There are a few factors that I think made this post work so well: it’s a topic that our followers are interested in and may need advice from, it’s simple and easy to read, and to be perfectly honest, this was published before Instagram . The algorithm changed to focus on Reels, so engagement was much better on posts like these. I have a feeling that if we reposted it today, the metrics would be a little lower.

Primary publication based on impressions

One thing we always say here at Buffer is that “our company culture is our superpower.” And this post really proves it to be true. Like the Twitter meme above, this was a trend I knew we could jump on. Not many companies share their salaries, so I had a feeling this would get people’s attention and the audio was a perfect fit.

I have a few reasons why I think this post got so many impressions. First, it’s a short video (less than 10 seconds), so you don’t have to worry about keeping people’s attention because it will end before they lose interest. Second, not many companies share their salaries as transparently as we do (superpower!), so when people find out we have an entire page dedicated to our team’s salaries, they’re very surprised. And finally, this audio was starting to trend when it was posted, so more people are likely to see our post.

Tik Tok

For TikTok, our analytics are a bit different as the engagement rate is not provided in their tools. We use views to measure our success in the app.

Main post based on views


We are hiring a Growth Product Manager! Apply now at #buffer #techjob #productmanager #hiring #4dayworkweek #remotejob #remotework

♬ Canyons – Official Sound Studio

This was a really fun post! At the time, we were hiring a Growth Product Manager and thought it would be fun to post about the TikTok job opening. Tom, our former product manager, was the hiring manager for the role, so I reached out to him to see if he was willing to be in the video. Fun fact: Tom was an actor when he was younger, so I had a feeling he would be pretty comfortable in front of the camera.

There are many reasons why this video worked so well (aside from Tom’s brilliant acting skills), but it all boils down to this: our company culture is our superpower ( didn’t I tell you?).

When you view any open job on Buffer, you’ll not only see the job description, but the full salary range and a list of ALL of our benefits. I knew that starting the video with this whole list of perks would really grab people’s attention, and that’s a big deal: TikTok research has shown that 63 percent of all videos with the highest click-through rate are featured your key message or product. within the first three seconds. I also knew that if people got past the first section of all the benefits, they’d be equally impressed to see that we shared the full salary range as well.

When we posted this TikTok, we had less than 100 followers and still ended up with almost 300,000 views. This video is exactly why I love TikTok: anyone can go viral, no matter how many followers you have.


It’s not too late to start your TikTok strategy – read more about how to get started on TikTok.


Top post based on engagement rate

Two great things about this post: It’s both user-generated content and repurposed content. Both are great types of content to implement in your social strategy because they will save you time and are more likely to perform well. I took the answers from this tweet and turned them into graphics to share on LinkedIn.

I think this post was our most engaged post because it featured our Buffer community and also encouraged others to join in with their own tips. Because there were multiple images to go through, people spent more time on the post swiping through each tip. The theme also stays true to our mission, which is to help small businesses.

Primary publication based on impressions

This post was my first time trying long content on LinkedIn, so I was worried people wouldn’t take the time to read it all, but it turned out great.

Once again: our company culture is our superpower. The four-day work week is gaining traction at the moment, so I knew this was a topic people would be interested in. Instead of telling people, “hey, we have a four-day work week,” I thought I’d go a little deeper and explain how the company made this decision and also share the results.

Along with this post covering a relevant topic and sharing results, I think the opening lines are really what caught people’s attention and encouraged them to read more (“We’ve been working on four for over two years days a week. We’re not working ten hour days to make up for the extra day off.”) Just like how you should include your hook in the first three seconds of a TikTok video, you should include your hook in the beginning of a LinkedIn post.

What do we take from these publications for our social strategy in 2023?

  • Posts about our business culture perform highly. Looking ahead to 2023 I’m considering including those that regularly mix with the rest of our great resources that help small businesses and creators.
  • Simple = better. The posts that performed well are actually the ones that didn’t require a lot of video editing or fancy graphics, so I have to remember that being authentic and relatable is more important than having the prettiest content.
  • Participating in trends can pay off if you can authentically connect it to your brand. I’ll always be on the lookout for trends we can jump on, but only if I feel like I can really connect it to our brand. No pressure to do all the trends!
  • It’s okay to be a little playful with your tone, just make sure to keep it positive. We come to 2023 with a more playful voice, but staying true to our message of helping small businesses, creators and ambitious people.

Want to see what your best posts of 2022 were? Here’s how.

  • Go to
  • Select a channel on the left
  • Update your date range (top right) to January 1, 2022 to December 20, 2022
  • Select Posts
  • Scroll down to the Post Stats section
  • Select whether to sort by impressions, likes, engagement rate, etc.
  • Make sure it is sorted in descending order
  • Your #1 post will be at the top of the list!

Thanks for reading! Have a question about our top posts? Send us a tweet and please share your top posts of 2022 and tag us, we’d love to see them!

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