Apple Says New iMovie 3.0 Makes It Easier to Edit and Share Videos

Apple has announced a new version of iMovie that includes features that make it even easier to create amazing edited videos on iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple says the new iMovie 3.0 makes it easier to edit and share videos

The new version of iMovie has a Storyboards feature that teaches content creators how to edit and improve their video storytelling skills with prefabricated templates. Another new feature, Magic Movie, allows creators to make professional-looking videos quickly using clips and photos with automatically added transitions, effects, and music.

Small business promotion opportunities

Small businesses will be able to use these new features to promote their products and services, as well as advertising promotions. Previously, it could be a concern that a poorly made video could have a detrimental effect on a company’s consumer perception. Now, with these new features, business owners can create polished videos for a variety of marketing purposes.

Inspire the next wave of video creators

Apple’s vice president of global product marketing, Bob Borchers, said: “iMovie has empowered millions of people around the world to create and share their stories through video. This latest version of iMovie, which it includes Storyboards and Magic Movie, further simplifies video creation, and we believe it will continue to inspire the next wave of video creators to dive in and get started. “

Announcing the new features on Apple’s website, the company said: “Storyboards give users a big edge in the video creation process, helping beginners learn how to edit and improve their storytelling skills. Starting with a blank timeline, creators can choose from 20 different screenwriters that include a variety of popular video types, such as cooking tutorials, questions and answers, product reviews, news reports, and more.

They also explain how the Magic Movie feature works, saying, “[It] helps you create beautiful custom videos (complete with titles, transitions, and music) with just a few taps. To create a magic movie, a user simply selects an album or any group of photos or images from their library, and Magic Movie instantly identifies the best parts of the footage and creates the project. “

New iMovie features

The Storyboard feature has individual screenwriters that include a list of plans for organizing clips so you can tell a specific story, ideal for business promotion. The clips have tips and hints on how to record or edit to make it more interesting. You can experiment by applying a variety of video styles, such as title layouts, transitions, fonts, filters, and color palettes. You can also easily add music that suits the length of the video.

Magic Movie allows you to easily rearrange or delete clips, as well as edit the project in more detail if you choose. Change the look of your entire video with a variety of style options that can be added and removed quickly.

You can also share iMovie screenwriters and magic movies via Messaging and Mail, as well as social media.

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