Are You Achieving a Work-Life Balance? Not Even Close

Americans spend a lot of time working and looking at screens, but most don’t take enough free time.

Are you achieving a work-life balance? Not even close

Throughout their lives, Americans spend an average of 13.2 years working and only 328 days socializing.

The average U.S. worker spends 5.3 hours a week reviewing work-from-home emails.

These statistics, which show that Americans work much harder than they play, were presented by an infographic from BookOutdoors, an organization dedicated to inspiring and enabling everyone, everywhere, to experience the work, wonder and adventure of the outdoors.

Infographic “Outdoor exploration for everyone”.

The “Outdoor Exploration for All” infographic shows that 28 million Americans do not receive vacation or paid vacation. For those who receive paid leave, 55% of employees do not use everything.

Why employees don’t take time off

The research also found out why workers don’t take time off for the holidays. He found that 61% were afraid of looking replaceable at work, while 56% had a heavy workload and / or lack of coverage. Stress is another major reason why people do not take their free time, along with concerns about safety and the cost of taking a vacation.

Benefits of spending time outdoors

BookOutdoor research explores the benefits of spending time outdoors. Spending only 20 minutes outdoors, three days a week can reduce stress, improve memory, increase cognitive function and improve overall well-being.

Other benefits of spending time outdoors include balancing our modern, connected life, reconnecting with nature, and providing opportunities to try new physical activities.

The benefits of a healthier work-life balance are well documented and established. For employers, encouraging workers to take time off, use their vacation pay, and spend time outdoors can lead to a happier, more productive workforce.

Despite the well-known benefits, BookOutdoor’s confirms that most Americans do not achieve a healthy work-life balance.

To help keep a happier and more productive workforce, small business owners should make an effort to ensure that employees take valuable time. Being known as a company that takes care of its employees will also help employers attract and retain talent.

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