Asking for Help Just Might Be the Key to Your Business Success

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We can all do so much better with a little help. Many of us are afraid to ask for help, and this could be holding us and our businesses back.

It can definitely be helpful to ask for help when it comes to building a business. Imagine how great it could be to get support and share resources to grow your business. You’ll have hundreds of things going on simultaneously (or at least you should), especially in the early days, until it’s time to grow to survive.

The more organized and strict you are in achieving the goals, the better the foundation of the building. The busier you are, the more likely you are to forget things, hit walls, or miss all the important deadlines. The temptation is to push back deadlines, that is if you even have time to prepare a calendar. Moving, losing, or not realizing you’ve lost goals can be costly and delay the implementation of ideas.

Rushing or missing vital steps are common mistakes in both new and established businesses, but asking for help or outsourcing and delegating some tasks can save you. If you miss your deadlines and work alone, it’s easy to excuse yourself and lose motivation and drive. If you don’t meet other people’s deadlines, you could be doing untold damage to your business reputation, losing vital orders, costing you repeat business or deals.

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Asking for help

Supporting will ensure that nothing is skipped or forgotten. It will certainly cost money unless you have family and friends willing to spend time for free. However, just because a solution might cost money, you certainly shouldn’t rule it out. Buying help can provide a new boost that could save you money in the long run.

It’s also generally not a good idea to shoulder everything, as pausing and recharging are next to impossible, something you’ll pay for eventually.

Businesses never run in an orderly and pleasant way and they jump from one thing to another. You’ll be juggling multiple looks at once. It is vital that elements work simultaneously and laterally, not just linearly. All oars must be in line to move the boat forward. After all, the best rowers know the power of all arms working together in time to win. Working as a team makes things move faster, so delegating and trusting others to work with you is all that’s needed.

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The power of coming together

Sure, it can be hard to ask for help, but sometimes it’s not hard to ask for help; it’s being comfortable accepting help that’s the real problem. Even those who ask for help may have difficulty letting go and accepting it and delegating tasks to others without wanting to micromanage. For some, it’s the guilt of needing help, feeling inadequate or frustrated with themselves. However, it is vital to let go of feelings of failure and inadequacy and accept that sometimes things are bigger than we can handle, either physically or emotionally. Knowing when you need help and doing something about it is a sign of strength.

Countries and people do best when they come together to give and receive help. Even the mighty United States has teams of advisers working to support the president. The president is the face of the country, but he has the support of advisers, assistants and experts from other fields to carry out his work. You’re actually building a business and using the people who can best help it grow to get the job done.

Building a business is pretty much the same; it’s hard alone, and sometimes you need advice, support and a partner with more time or experience. Even if you have experience in all areas of the business, you only have the same number of hours and days as everyone else.

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Connecting people who need help

In business, I quickly learned that regardless of our culture or beliefs, we have fundamentally similar concerns and issues as individuals and businesses in the world. Regardless of our station in life or wealth, what sets some apart is their ability to accept help when needed.

It is not a sign of weakness or inability to manage effectively. It’s a sign that you recognize what others can bring to your business and life, and you’re ready to let them do some things for you.

We need to get over creating endless to-do lists and spending more time juggling to-do’s than actually doing them. If that means stepping back and accepting help, how can that be a bad thing? If you’re offered help, saying yes can open up many fascinating possibilities for your business, friendships, networking opportunities, and a chance for people to share your success with you.

To sum up

I often use the analogy of hamsters running on a wheel. Sometimes the wheel runs too fast and they fall. As we negotiate the wheel of life, it is often moving faster than we can handle. We try not to trip or fall, but we often do, and that’s often because we don’t ask for help to better negotiate the wheel. Accepting help may be all it takes.

I believe that our humanity can see differences in our cultural norms, our morals and ethics and our previous experiences shape who we are, but we share them and help others and we can all learn and achieve greater things. So whether you see yourself as a low-level worker, a billionaire or an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. Using the help available and asking when you need help will help narrow the differences between us and ensure that there are only a few degrees of separation between us.

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