You’re never too old to improve your financial literacy

Durant el mes d’abril, assessors i experts dels sectors financer, educatiu i empresarial es reuneixen per ajudar els més joves a entendre com gestionar amb èxit les seves finances personals. La manca d’alfabetització financera entre molts nord-americans més joves havia estat tan estesa que l’any 2004, el Congrés va designar oficialment el mes d’abril com … Read more

Get Your Business Cardboard Boxes for Shipping

If you buy something through our links, we may make money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Whether you’re moving, storing your files, or sending products to customers, your small business needs boxes. Increasingly, in this age of e-commerce, cardboard boxes for shipping have become a popular choice because they are comfortable, affordable, and durable. … Read more

Microsoft Bookings vs. Calendly — —

Contributed by Dan Izydorek, EO Detroit. Dan is a partner at ITS Detroit and director of revenue for Intelligent Technical Solutions, which helps growing businesses take full advantage of technology to improve business efficiency. Dan and his team shared their experience on how programming software can improve productivity and which ones are the best. In … Read more