Best Google Pixel Phone (2022): Which Model to Buy, Cases and Accessories, Feature Drops

If you calculate all of these individual services at the cost of the Pixel 6 Pro over two years, your total is $ 1,746. So you are actually paying less. But it is only really It’s worth it if you watch a lot of YouTube and use YouTube Music, instead of other options like Spotify.

Google says that if you already subscribe to one of these services, your current plans will be canceled and you will receive a single Pixel Pass bill once your Pixel is submitted (though you’ll need to manually cancel YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium before subscribing to Pixel Pass).

About Older Pixel Phones

Pixel 5

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The 2020 Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G have disappeared from the Google Store. You can find them on Amazon, but the Pixel 5 is more expensive than the new Pixel 6, and it’s not worth it when Google’s current flagship outperforms it in every way.

Amazon currently sells the Pixel 4A 5G for the same price as the Pixel 6, and while it’s a good phone, that price makes no sense. You better stay with the Pixel 5A 5G. Unless you’re in the US or in Japan and you really want a Pixel with a headphone jack. Then it’s worth picking it up, though don’t expect it to be in stock for a long time.

The Pixel 3 range is too old and includes the Pixel 3A. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL suffer from low battery performance and are not worth picking up. These older phones will also stop receiving software updates in 2022. Buy one of the newer models.

Cases and accessories we like

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Google’s official cases feel that they offer more protection than their predecessors. There are several fun colors, a double-layer design that helps absorb shocks when dropped and raised edges on the front to protect the screen. The inner layer of the Pixel 5A case is made from 75 percent recycled plastic, and the other two are made from 30 percent post-consumer recycled material.

Of all the Pixel cases I’ve tested, this one looks the best. It has a wonderful texture that is pleasing to the touch and the case maintains a slim profile. The buttons keep clicking and the ports are well exposed. It is affordable, but the front edges are not raised. There is a good chance that the screen will touch the ground when you drop it.

Pixel phones don’t have a long history of screen durability – they scratch easily. We tried this protector originally for the Pixel 5A, but it is no longer available. Caseology does sell it now for the Pixel 6. Installation is easy and includes a brush to remove air bubbles. Get two screen protectors for the price, which include a microfiber cloth, a towel, and dust remover stickers.

It is slim, has a nice texture, retains the click buttons and has precise clippings for ports and speakers. What is not to love? This is arguably Spigen’s most attractive line of cases. The edges don’t rise sharply, so don’t expect too much screen protection. Combine it with the Caseology screensaver above to cover all your bases.

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Pixels have great cameras, but you can take them further by using third-party lenses like Moment’s. Put on a fish eye lens for a fun, distorted photo effect. Use a 58mm telephoto lens to get even closer to your subject. Whichever lens you choose, you’ll need a Moment case for the system to work. It takes about two seconds to place or remove a lens with a simple twist. Pixel 6 cases have Moment (M) Force magnets embedded inside, so they’ll work with the company’s various MagSafe media, such as tripods, video lights, and microphones, or other MagSafe accessories.

This is a solid Pixel wallet case with a stand. You can support it horizontally with the folding leather flap on the back. One or two credit cards can be stored under this magnetic flap. Everything is thick, but the buttons are easy to press. It also has raised edges on the front to protect the screen.

This Otterbox double layer case It’s heard very hard, but quite thin. The edges around the camera module and the front screen are raised, the buttons are easy to press, and the headphone jack and USB-C port are protected from the elements. This offers increased protection compared to the previous options.

Google Pixel Stand (2nd generation)

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Of the Pixels in this guide, wireless charging is only available on Pixel 5, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro. Google’s Pixel Stand is one of the best wireless chargers because it’s simple. The base does not slide, the phone stays in place and allows for some fun features, such as turning the screen into a digital photo frame and quick access to Google Assistant. It is made of 39 percent recycled materials with mostly environmentally friendly packaging. Our guide to the best wireless chargers has more options.

This charging adapter is all you need to recharge your Pixel, no matter what model you have. Newer high-end Pixel phones don’t come with chargers in the box, so if you don’t have a spare USB-C charger, it’s worth taking one. The tips of this one do not fold, but it is still very compact.

It takes some effort to install this case on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, but once you do, this is definitely the best protection you’ll find for your Pixel. There’s a two-piece polycarbonate inner shell that sticks above and below the Pixel, and then a thick synthetic rubber sheath for extreme durability. The buttons are amazingly clickable and not as thick as I expected (although it makes the phone very wide). It’s made from 50 percent recycled plastic and there’s a case where you can put it on to proudly carry your Pixel on your belt.

Hidden tricks to test if you get a pixel


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There are some key features that are unique to Pixels that you won’t find on any other Android phone. Some of them are only available in the new Pixel 6 series, mostly because they depend on the processing power of the Tensor chip. Here’s a quick breakdown:

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