Bill Gates announces that he has COVID-19

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A couple of days ago Bill Gates he gave an interview to The Financial Times in which he spoke about his concerns about the current state of the pandemic and his idea that COVID-19 “still poses a threat to society.” According to the employer, there is still the possibility of generating a more contagious and lethal variant than the ones we have seen so far: “I do not want to be the voice of pessimism, but there is a risk of more than 5% that not even we have seen what is the worst of the pandemic.

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Yesterday, the employer notified him via a message on his personal Twitter account he was infected COVID19 : “I tested positive for COVID. I’m experiencing mild symptoms and I’m following expert advice to isolate myself until I’m healthy again.”

In a subsequent message, he explained: “I am fortunate to be vaccinated and strengthened and have access to tests and excellent medical care.”

From the beginning of the pandemic, Bill Gates has been a promoter of vaccination, to the point that the theory that he wanted to use vaccines as a means of vaccination was coined on social media. implanting tracking chips with 5G technology in the bodies of the population. people . The idea that he and his company, Microsoft had created the pandemic even managed.


One of the reasons why what Bill Gates says about COVID-19 is surprising is that in 2015, years before Covid-19, he did a TEDTalk called “The Next Outbreak: We’re Not Ready.” outbreak: we are not prepared) ”in which he spoke about the risks involved in not being prepared for an outbreak of a viral disease that could be transmitted by air.

In the talk, Gates refers to Ebola and says that we are not prepared for a big outbreak and that we must prepare for it. As expected, when COVID-19 emerged, Gates’ talk became relevant again.

Gates has just presented his book “How to Prevent the Upcoming Pandemic” which sets out the lessons the world and governments should have learned from COVID-19 to prevent another similar disaster from returning to us. bite. “If we make the right investments, we must not live in fear of another COVID. We can build a health care system that is ready to stop the outbreaks before they become global.”

At the moment, Bill Gates is infected and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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