Bill Gates Is So Over This Pandemic

We no longer have a problem supplying vaccines. The only question left is whether you are limited by demand or logistics. In less vaccinated countries, there is not much demand. In Nigeria, Covid would be, for example, the 15th leading cause of death: you have HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhea. Then, when you say, “Hello, number 15,” they say, “Well, what about number one, number two, number three, number four, show me some corpses!”

I love these articles that say, “Hey, if these countries don’t get vaccinated, they’ll give us variants and fuck us.” There is not much science to support this.

Wait, you’re saying get vaccinated all over the world I wouldn’t reduce the chances of a more dangerous variant?

What science do you have that suggests this? They are not vaccines that block transmission. Do you have it in your head? Vaccines do not reduce the number of cases. Where is the logic? Will you have fewer variants because …? What the fuck is this?

[Levy: OK. Larry Brilliant, an epidemiologist whom Gates cites in his book, says it’s true that with Omicron, the current vaccines did a relatively poor job of preventing transmission. But they still cut the likelihood of getting sick, and they shorten the course of the disease in infected people, giving potential variants less time to emerge. “Anybody who says that vaccinating as many people as possible is not important in preventing variants is making a mistake,” says Brilliant.]

I was shocked by the setback vaccines. It seems that in terms of being a society based on science and logic, we are going backwards.

I think you are a naive person. What was the popularity of the evolution before the pandemic? Less than 50 percent.

[Levy: He’s close. A University of Michigan study of the last 35 years reported that acceptance of evolution became the majority opinion in 2016.]

People did not take to the streets or block borders to protest against biologists as they do with vaccines.

We are not a society of wide scientific debate. Are you sure we’re back?

Well, you’ve been criticized for years, but before the pandemic, very few people went outside and demanded your arrest or execution.

Now I’m a focus. Anthony Fauci and I. There’s some pretty crazy stuff up there with QAnon, Pizzagate, all that stuff. I would not have foreseen it. To the extent that people don’t want to wear masks, that’s a problem.

On top of everything else, we have Ukraine. Aren’t you alarmed that we’re going backwards?

I’d rather be alive today than at some point in the past. And I would highly recommend it to other people. So if you think we’re going backwards, go ahead.

In some ways, I think so. We are not too far apart in age. The years in which we grew up and pursued our careers were, for some people, a kind of golden age in this country.

Would you like to be gay 40 years ago? Would you rather be a woman then than now?

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