Bitcoin traders aren’t concerned by whether we’re in a recession or not

I’ve combed the internet to find you the funniest/important/scary and fascinating stories about technology.

1 Bitcoin traders don’t care about a recession
The debate over the definition of a recession, and whether we are in one, seems like a distraction. (CoinDesk)
+ The United States may technically be in recession now, but much of the economy remains strong. (The Guardian)
+ Here’s why the popular definition of recession is unofficial. (The Atlantic $)
+ Bitcoin’s value is headed for its best month since 2021. (Bloomberg$)

2 Iran is ramping up its drone production
He wants to sell them to foreign buyers, which includes Russia. (NYT$)
+ Why business is booming for military AI startups. (MIT Technology Review)

3 The CHIPS Act will not solve the semiconductor shortage
Partly because the shortage seems to be easing anyway. (Recode)
+ The multi-billion package should be invested wisely. (via cable $)
+ Chipmakers say they urgently need the subsidies promised by the bill. (FT$)

4 Democrats didn’t release deepfake video of Joe Biden
Despite the best efforts of conspiracy theorists to convince the Internet. (BBC)
+ The biggest threat from deepfakes is not the deepfakes themselves. (MIT Technology Review)

5 Online outrage is performative and ephemeral
Refusing to stoop to their level can make this all less annoying to deal with. (The Atlantic $)

6 sticky patches could revolutionize the way we do ultrasounds
Patients could take them home, instead of attending hospital appointments. (The Guardian)

7 China’s virtual idols are burned
Their adoring fans don’t always consider the humans behind the animations. (Rest of the World)
+ How China’s Biggest Online Influencers Fell From Their Thrones. (MIT Technology Review)

8 TikTok is run by strangers, not friends
The platform rejected the social model championed by Facebook, with great success. (New Yorker $)
+ Instagram has sheepishly (and only temporarily) taken back some of its much-hated recent changes. (NOW $)
+ Facebook has pledged to double the amount of AI-recommended feed content. (motherboard)
+ Snap and TikTok offer richer and more interesting recommendations than Google. (Blackboard)

9 This aging research institute wants to help you live better, not longer
But the shadow of the promise of immortality looms. (Neo.Life)
+ Saudi Arabia plans to spend $1 billion a year to discover anti-aging treatments. (MIT Technology Review)

10 Meet the humans who keep the cloud online ☁️
Often under incredibly punishing conditions. (Aeon)

quote of the day

“What frustrates me the most is when people accuse me of twisting the truth. As meteorologists, we report the facts. There is no conspiracy.”

—Meteorologist and weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker tells his employer, the BBC, of ​​his frustration at the online abuse he received from climate change deniers during the recent severe UK heatwave.

The great story

Meet the wounded veteran who received a penis transplant

October 2019

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