Changing the Game: Taryn Draine

This is the ninth interview in our Athlete of the Month (AOTM) series in collaboration with TrueSport. To nominate an athlete or learn more, explore our Headquarters of the AOTM.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Chasing dreams and motivating teams is exactly what the newest Athlete of the Month, Taryn Draine, is doing. From her team pep talks called “Taryn Talks” to averaging 17 points per game and her career as a junior reporter, this 13-year-old is breaking new ground for young female athletes everywhere.

TrueSport Ambassador and Team USA Netball Team Captain Amara Mbionwu sat down for a recent interview to talk about everything from her favorite WNBA team to what her style is like Taryn’s interview. Dive in as we highlight the latest athlete of the month, Taryn Draine.

“Today I know there is still work to be done, but along the way I am achieving my dreams.” – Candace Parker

When did you start playing basketball?

Taryn: “I started playing basketball around age 11, so sixth grade.”

Amara: “Oh my god, I started playing when I was in seventh grade! What got you into it?”

Taryn: “Well, me and my brother, we started playing basketball and I decided, hey, this is really what I want to do. So I started taking it more seriously and focusing on playing.”

Amara: “Did you beat him?”

Taryn: “Sometimes haha. It’s a little harder for me to beat him now that he’s older.”

What position do you play?

Taryn: “I usually play point guard or pitcher. I can also play three and four, small forward and power forward.”

Amara: “Okay, I played center all through high school, then I switched. I was on and off to advance in college, but I said I’m going to coach and I don’t want to be anywhere else. The house it’s mine.”

Talk about the town

Taryn supports her teammates through and through. She was nominated as Athlete of the Month for her notorious pep talks in the locker room and sportsmanship on and off the court.

Amara: “Tell us about your ‘Taryn Talks.’

Taryn: “Well, if the energy and the locker room is lacking, then I’m like, ‘Hey, we need to talk, or I get my teammates together and give them some motivation to go out on the court in the right mindset.’ pumped up, so they have the energy to play.”

Amara: “I love it. If I were your teammate, how would you help me if I said I’m nervous?”

Taryn: “I’ll probably tell you to have fun even if we don’t win; just have fun. In the end, it doesn’t matter. It’s just basketball, you know. It’s more about getting better and making memories. your team.”

If a teammate is having a bad game or season, Taryn lets them know that the only person who could bring them down is them. “You know they’ve got to get into themselves to keep going. And put people around them to motivate them. It’s all mental. So you’ve got to make sure you’re in the right place to play basketball because it’s definitely a mental sport”. she says.

Amara: “I definitely agree. So how do you prepare for a big game?”

Taryn: “I usually like to take a few shots before my game and listen to music, you know, eat the right kind of food. I usually eat a yogurt parfait with granola and blueberries. And I love blue Gatorade.”

Amara: “What’s next for basketball?”

Taryn: “I’m playing in an All-Star. I was picked for it by people who scouted me at school games, and I was the top pick for my team to play in the three-point contest, so I get to that too.”

Amara: “Can we say #blackgirlmagic here? I love it!”

Taryn notes that her favorite basketball memory is when she had the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Bulls’ first 3v3 game with her teammates. “It was a really fun experience because we just got to throw it at the United Center,” Taryn said.

Taking on the world, one interview at a time

In her free time, Taryn is a junior reporter for the Chi Side program, analyzing games and interviewing players.

Amara: “Tell us about your experience as a junior journalist. I want to know more about it.”

Taryn: “Well, when I started junior journalism, I was a little nervous, but I decided, like my mom, she showed me the videos on her Instagram page, and I was like, OK, this could be something I want to do. , and I did the first interview, and I was like, OK, I can definitely do this. As I started to get more confident, I started asking more questions.”

Amara: “What kind of questions are you asking? How about interviewing me?”

Taryn: “I would probably ask you why you went from playing basketball to playing net?”

Amara laughs and goes into the story of how her college teacher with a netball brochure started her career with Team USA.

Speed ​​Round “This” or “This” with Taryn

(Answers are in bold)

  • Free kicks or bell ringer
  • netflix or Cable
  • Water or Gatorade
  • Lebron o Jordan
  • always early o Always late (time)
  • road trip or fly by plane
  • Run 15 laps or so 15 perfect free throws
  • Write an email o Write a letter

With dreams of playing in the WNBA, Taryn notes that her favorite team is the Chicago Sky. He says he loves the Las Vegas Aces style. We look forward to seeing Taryn on the court and putting athletes on the hot seat in the future!

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