Chiefs retain top spot, Cowboys move up in Nick Wright’s NFL Tiers

It’s the halfway point of the 2022 NFL season, as Week 9 begins Thursday night with a matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Houston Texans.

Nick Wright and his “Committee” got together to put together the latest version of his weekly NFL tier list.

Let’s get right into them.

Cowboys, Bills, Eagles challenge Chiefs at top of Nick’s NFL rankings.

Cowboys, Bills, Eagles challenge Chiefs at top of Nick's NFL rankings.

The Cowboys, Bills, Eagles and Dolphins threaten to topple the Chiefs at the top of Nick Wright’s NFL rankings entering Week 9.

Removed: Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Chicago bones, Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts

Wright’s thoughts: “These are the teams whose seasons are over. We know they’re over, and once you join the ranks of the eliminated, you’re effectively eliminated. . . . The Browns have joined this week in the elimination bracket. The reason for that is two-fold. The first is that they are 3-7…”It’s not possible, they’ve only played eight games.” That’s right, but in fact they are 3-7. Their record says 3-5 but their next two games are in miami and buffalo so they’re actually 3-7 so when deshaun [Watson] come it won’t matter The other reason…once you drop to the removed level, you stay there! Never once in the history of the Committee have we had a team make the playoffs and then make the postseason.”

Hanging by a Thread: Las Vegas Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, Commanders of Washington, New Orleans Saints

Wright’s thoughts: “I’m telling the fans of these teams right now, if they lose this week, they’re down to the elimination bracket. So they’re hanging by a thread.”

Hey, whatever: Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, New England Patriots

Wright’s thoughts: Listen, everyone is overachieving to some degree. The Jets and Patriots just play boring offensive football. The Falcons are really exciting, but they also didn’t win a trade [Sunday]. They won because the referee threw a ridiculous flag on DJ Moore. They are fine, it is a credit to them. They’re not hanging on by a thread and they’re alive for the postseason, but nobody’s excited to see them.”

Living with reputation: Branches of Los Angeles, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wright’s thoughts: “Without the success of these teams over the past few years, or without their Hall of Fame quarterbacks, in the cases of the Packers and the Bucs, no one would consider these teams a threat to do anything. But because the Rams they are the defending champions, because the Bucs have the GOAT [Tom Brady]and because the Packers have it [recently] has been to back-to-back conference championship games and has a four-time MVP quarterback [Aaron Rodgers] with amazing hair, you feel like they’re scary even though they probably aren’t.”

Chuck It Deep: Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Chargers

Wright’s thoughts: “Even though they have injuries at wide receiver, there’s a reason they’re scary: the quarterback and the deep ball. They don’t do much else right now. The Chargers should be good on defense, they get hit too hard. Both teams should be able to run the ball, they don’t. But when Mike Williams and Keenan Allen are healthy, when Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins are healthy, you feel like these teams can beat anybody. If they just have Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert rocking it.”

Regarding Reluctance: New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks

Wright’s thoughts: “These teams are 22-8, and I guess the goal is to win football games, so at some point we’re going to have to respect them. However, do we think any of these teams are good? I don’t know, I guess that vikings are good i know… [the Titans] they have won five in a row, and they don’t turn the ball over. Have you seen them this week? Their quarterback has completed six passes this week. … He had 12 yards rushing and they won by two points.”

Commercial term Champions: San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins

Wright’s thoughts: “Add Bradley Chubb, add Christian McCaffrey, add Roquan Smith. Three teams that were already contenders that added major Pro Bowl or All-Pro level players at the trade deadline. They all got better.”

Truly Terrifying: Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills

Wright’s thoughts: “Teams that don’t always play a complete game, but when they do, [they] they seem to be as good as anyone in football. But a little too often, like the Cowboys vs. the Lions … or the Bills in their most recent game. [they don’t put it all together]. When they [do] putting it all together, they look amazing.”

Undefeated but unreliable: Philadelphia Eagles

Wright’s thoughts: “The Committee can’t get over 31-0 in the playoffs eight months ago… We can’t, we apologize. You’re undefeated, you’ve played incredibly well all year, he can’t pull it off. [that game] out of his head But right now, it looks like you’re going to go 11-0, probably finish the season 14-3. [They will] still be a bit unreliable.”

Favorites: Kansas City Chiefs

Wright’s thoughts: “Oh my God: Did you see the underrated move at the deadline? Adding the guy people said was coming out of college the poor man’s Tyreek Hill, Kadarius Toney, for pennies on the dollar. And you saw his first round pick round. Trent McDuffie just came off IR? A team that’s so smart with riches that it’s trading starters for conditional seventh-round picks because its draft class needs to hit the field? Are they still the favorites , there’s no reason to. not be the favorites.”

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