Comic-Con 2022: The Most Wildly Creative Cosplay Masks

Comic-Con would not be Comic-Con without cosplay.

As much a part of the event as the panels and comedians in Hall H, dressing up in fancy dress, or looking at people dressed in fancy dress, is one of the main reasons people attend. This year, cosplay felt even more important. Due to health concerns due to the spread of Covid-19, there has been no in-person Comic-Con for the past two years. Last weekend, when the event once again filled the streets of San Diego, the cosplayers returned as well.

But not without some, uh, modifications. Just because Comic-Con held an IRL event this year doesn’t mean Covid is over, far from it, so people had to take precautions to stay safe, namely wearing masks. Now, cosplayers are used to wearing masks, but the kinds needed to stop the spread of infectious diseases aren’t necessarily the ones Spider-Man wears. So, as expected, fans got creative.

WIRED asked photographer Daniel Gonçalves to attend last week’s convention and look for cosplayers wearing some of the most creative masks around. He found some great ones, and a few that didn’t have a mask at all.

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