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Preparing your product for the market is just the main step, selling your product requires different types of marketing strategies. Content marketing strategies help your business excel by developing and sharing articles and different media to attract and attract customers looking for products like yours. Content marketing courses teach you the best of these strategies. There are several offers online with content marketing courses to increase the ranking of your product / company.

Popular content marketing courses

Here are some of the most popular online content marketing courses to promote your business.

Content writing course

The Content Writing Course teaches you the different types of content writing and helps you increase the quality and quantity of the content you write. The course covers SEO content writing, writing habits training, how keywords work in Google autocomplete, plagiarism, and referencing and choosing a niche.

Viral Blogging 101: Blog and Content Writing Master Class

Viral Blogging 101 & Content Writing Masterclass contains step-by-step instructions to get you writing and writing like a pro. This master class will guide you through how to choose the topic and type of publication, create effective outlines, write your first paragraphs, review your work, and end it with a catchy title.

Content Marketing Master Class: Create content that sells

Creating Content That Sells is a masterpiece of how to increase sales, traffic, and brand recognition through digital content. The master class will cover the basics of content marketing, web design, content idea generation, copywriting, content type, SEO, content formats and reuse, content promotion, email marketing, external marketing channels and measurement. the result.

Writing: B2B writing, Content writing, Text writing

Copywriting: B2B Copywriting, Content Writing focuses on reaching hundreds of new B2B customers and creating a complete B2B content marketing and writing plan. This course includes B2B Content Writing, B2B Content Writing, B2B Content Strategy, Text Writing, B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Writing, Copywriting, and Disadvantages. common to each.

Write killer content with Jasper AI Content Generator – 2022

Write Killer Content with Jasper AI Content Generator shows you how to write your content faster with a Jasper artificial intelligence content generator. This guide will guide you through the product description and usage of Jasper AI, the different commands, the AIDA and PAS frameworks, the content optimization, the SEO title, and the meta description.

Writing: Become a freelance copywriter, your own boss

Writing: Become a Freelance Writer Your own boss teaches you how to monetize your basic writing skills to become a freelance copywriter. From creating your portfolio to setting the price of your work, this lesson covers everything from making sales and expert copies, finding clients, marketing, selecting successful projects, and creating a website. editor.

Business writing and immersion in technical writing

The aim of the course is to teach you the basics and procedures involved in effective business writing and technical writing immersion. These elements are: purposeful and public analysis, information gathering, drafting and drafting, content review, editing (consistency, clarity, economy, and readability), and final conclusions and reflections.

How to Write a White Paper in a Day |

In 2.5 hours, How to Write a White Paper in a Day will teach you how to write a 2000-word white paper in a single day. You’ll learn what white paper is and isn’t, the main parts of the right writing styles, how to structure your argument to attract readers to completion, and edit your copy like a pro.

Making a living blogging: perfect small budget project

Blogging for a Living is a detailed guide to bogging down that starts with the essential and potential aspects of blogging. Lessons begin with setting up your blog and the technical aspects involved. Then move on to creating headers and logos, writing posts and creating pages, integrating a store into your blog, and preparing your blog for traffic.

Copywriting Secrets: How to Write a Copy That Sells

Copywriting Secrets How to write a copy that sells teaches you how to structure and write a compelling and compelling sales copy. In this course, you will learn the features, benefits, and advantages of sales copy. You can take advantage of emotional boosters in both B2C and B2B environments. In addition, you will learn how to write press releases and publish.

These courses have been offered by large companies such as NASDAQ, VOLKSWAGEN and NetApp to their employees. The courses are standalone and contain progress tests. In addition, they award a certificate of completion and offer lifelong access to learning materials, including videos, on both mobile and television. And finally, you are offered a 30-day money back guarantee.

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