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By 2022, it’s clear that Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app.

Instagram has not only become a thriving social media channel with all kinds of videos, stories, and even live streaming features, but it’s even becoming a e-commerce shopping platform. and social media.

And, our recent survey of 580 Instagram marketers found that using the app’s buying tools allows you to get the highest ROI of any Instagram strategy.

But with a wide variety of shopping tools that appear in feeds-based publications, reels, live video, stories, guides, and the Dedicated Store tab, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

To help marketers and businesses like you, take a look at Instagram shopping tools to find out:

New data: Instagram engagement report [2022 Version]

Which Instagram shopping tools work best?

Using Instagram buying tools is the strategy with the highest ROI and also the strategy most used by Instagram marketers. The important thing is that it is just beginning.

While only 37% currently use the app’s purchase tools, 94% of them will increase or maintain their investment this year. In addition, 1 in 3 plans to use Instagram shopping tools for the first time this year.

What Instagram buying tools do brands use?

In addition, marketers who take advantage of Instagram’s buying tools are 15% more likely to say that their Instagram strategy was effective last year than those who don’t. So which tools work best?

Of the shopping tools, Instagram Live Shopping and Instagram Shops have the highest return on investment and are the most used.

which Instagram tool has the highest ROI

In addition, the use of live shopping and shopping will grow significantly in 2022, with 55% planning to try Instagram Shops and 48% planning to use Instagram Live Shopping for the first time.

what tools Instagram marketers plan to take advantage of for the first time

Instagram Feed Post Shopping, Instagram Stories Shopping and Instagram Shopping Guides are used by more than 1 in 3 marketers and also lead in terms of ROI.

Reels Shopping has the lowest usage and ROI, however, 42% of Instagram marketers plan to use Reels Shopping this year, the third highest of any Instagram shopping tool.

Should you sell or launch products exclusively through Instagram Shopping?

Using Instagram Shopping tools is a powerful marketing opportunity, but should you also have an external website to sell your goods and services?

41% of Instagram marketers say that most of the brands they work with use Instagram shopping tools exclusively and do not have a separate website, while 59% use a combination of both.

83% of Instagram marketers say they have worked with a brand that launched a product exclusively on Instagram and 59% of them say that launching exclusively on Instagram is better than launching elsewhere.

Brands say launching products on Instagram is more effective than just ecommerce

Launching a product exclusively for your Instagram audience can also be a great way to increase brand loyalty and reward your followers.

This is just one of the many benefits that marketers are seeing from using Instagram buying tools. Let’s take a look at what other benefits sellers get from social shopping.

The most important benefits of Instagram shopping tools

Leveraging Instagram’s buying tools offers a wide range of benefits, including greater product discovery, a streamlined shopping experience for your customers, ease of partnering with influencers, and the ability to integrate your products into the content, making it look more authentic.

The Most Important Benefits of Using Instagram Shopping

I mentioned how Instagram focuses on helping creators monetize their content, and one way to achieve all of this is to take advantage of Creators Shopping.

While not exactly new, this feature was initially implemented only for a select few influencers in 2019. It took until March 2022 for Instagram to officially announce that it would be extended to all U.S. users.

Purchasing Creators allows influencers to tag your brand’s products directly in their posts, so users can find and buy products without leaving Instagram. This combines all the advantages mentioned above and stands out for making the partnership with creators easy and authentic.

Despite all the benefits of selling on Instagram, there are challenges. Let’s delve into the major struggles that marketers face with Instagram shopping tools.

The biggest challenges of Instagram shopping tools

The two main challenges facing sellers with Instagram buying tools seem to contradict each other: while 38% of those who use Instagram buying tools have trouble making sales, 45% have problems due to too many sales and supply chain problems.The biggest challenges in Instagram shopping

Another 37% complain about sales rates, which are currently 5% per shipment, with shipments of less than $ 8 accumulating a flat rate of 40 cents. However, rates are changing until June 30, 2022 to help small businesses recover from the pandemic.

36% of Instagram marketers are also concerned that they do not have full access to the purchase tools offered by the app. As the app fully includes social shopping in 2022, you can expect access to be open to more users.

Social shopping is the future

There’s never been a better time to start selling on social media, and Instagram is the best place to do it.

If you’re ready to get started, take a look at our Instagram 2022 Marketing Report for a detailed breakdown of which strategies, features, and formats are most effective in your application. For some examples of how brands take advantage of Instagram Shopping, check out this post or this detailed guide.

Are you curious about your overall Instagram strategy, beyond shopping? Check out our Instagram engagement report for more details.

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