Developing a Customer Relationship with Longevity

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Behind the Review host and Yelp small business expert Emily Washcovick shares a look at this week’s podcast episode.

Robbins Brothers

Expensive purchases, such as an engagement ring, can sometimes seem like a one-and-done transaction. But Robbins Brothers, a jeweler specializing in engagement and wedding rings, sees it differently. They’ll come along for the ride with you and your future spouse, making sure you get exactly the rings you both want.

Charlotte Schmidt, general manager of the San Diego location, wants to be the easy part of your love journey, as she calls it. “We definitely call it a love journey because they found their match. That’s the hardest part, right? We’re trying to make the other part easy and less stressful because we’re the experts in the industry and we just walk them through it. “

They may not be walking down the aisle with you or DJing at your wedding, but Robbins Brothers wants their part to go off without a hitch. It should be a stress-free environment with close staff, so they maintain a more casual atmosphere that you don’t often see in high-end jewelry stores.

“It’s really about the interaction with the customer. It’s about them enjoying this incredible moment, whether alone or together because it’s a lifetime commitment. And it’s also a lifetime commitment with us. We want them to love as much as they love their ring, however much they love the experience.”

Yelp reviewer Kevin H. appreciated the honesty and education he received when it came time to buy his fiancé’s, now wife’s, engagement ring. I had a pretty clear idea of ​​what I wanted.

“He first found out what my wife’s priorities were when it came to choosing a ring. The most important thing she wanted was the size of the diamond. She wanted a big diamond. I think what Gare said was being very helpful to me was “ Well, if you want a large diamond, we can get you a lower grade. This will save you money and still give you a great diamond.'”

Gare, Kevin’s sales representative, took them outside and showed the couple the truth about the diamond: the lower quality diamond, but the larger one shone as brightly as a more expensive one.

Providing this level of education is a priority for Robbins Brothers. “We’re trying to educate you. If you don’t see the difference between a $15,000 diamond, and let’s say a $10,000 diamond, then why would we sell you the 15? We’re going to sell you the 10, make you happy and you . have confidence in us.”

It may seem counterintuitive to sell something less expensive, but the staff at Robbins Brothers is more concerned with customer satisfaction because happy customers make the best repeat customers. Kevin bought his wedding ring from Robbins Brothers as well as his wife’s and his experience led him to leave a positive review on Yelp.

Charlotte knows they can’t all be 5-star reviews, but she uses both positive and negative reviews to her advantage. “You can’t make everybody happy, and we really try. We celebrate the five stars, the four stars.

“When it’s a negative review—and they happen, you know what I mean—it hits home. It hits me in the heart because I’m the face of the business. I’m the owner. They, the Robbins brothers, trust me to run it. The best of a building. So I approach each client. It’s being vulnerable and saying, ‘Where did we go wrong?'”

Robbins Brothers uses a customer education-centric approach to get and retain long-term customers, and your small business can benefit from these tips, too:

  • With big purchases, an accessible shopping experience is key
  • It’s not about the one-time sale, it’s about the long-term customer relationship
  • Customers appreciate a clear and honest education about what they are buying
  • Reviews can improve morale and encourage staff to learn from each other

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