Dogecoin Cocreator Calls Elon Musk a ‘Grifter’ Who Had Trouble Running Basic Code

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The dogecoin co-creator has made some harsh comments about Elon Musk, calling the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX a “scammer” who was unable to execute basic code.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters via BI

Jackson Palmer spoke to the independent Australian news site Crikey on topics ranging from Musk to the future of cryptocurrency.

Palmer is best known for being one of the people behind dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency that was launched in 2013. Thanks in part to Musk, dogecoin is now one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. world.

However, Palmer criticized Musk in his interview with Crikey and shared some details of his “interesting past” with the billionaire.

According to Palmer, he first sent a message to the billionaire on Twitter a few years ago after creating a bot to help detect if there was a cryptocurrency scam in a Twitter mention and send an automated report to the platform marking the scam , according to Crikey.

Palmer said he also worked with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team to get the reports sent instantly, the media reported. He also sent the code to other crypto influencers.

“Elon contacted me to get this script, and it quickly became clear that he didn’t understand the coding as well as he did. He asked me, ‘How do I run this Python script?'” Palmer said. , by Crikey.

“After giving him the script, I wasn’t a fan of him. He’s a scammer, he sells a vision in the hope that one day he can deliver on what he promises, but he doesn’t know it,” Palmer added. . “He’s very good at pretending he knows. That’s very clear with Tesla’s promise of self-driving.”

Palmer claimed that people on Twitter were probably in love with Musk who made them tweet and sought to be friends with him or get rich by association, according to Crikey.

“About a year ago, when Musk said something about cryptography, I said that Elon Musk was and always will be a scammer, but the world loves scammers,” Palmer said, according to the media. “They love the idea that they might as well be billionaires someday, and that’s the dream that’s coming.”

Palmer also spoke to Crikey about Musk’s bid on Twitter, saying he thought the billionaire wanted to destroy the platform.

“I was sowing a lot of discord and mistrust on the platform, and there are huge amounts of staff wear and tear,” Palmer said, according to the media. “His move is to dismantle all confidence or maybe he’s fooled enough to think he can build an alternative. The other alternative is that he wants to sink it to the ground at a much lower price, and I think that’s what he’s doing.” .

Regarding Musk’s resolution to vote Republican, Palmer told Crikey, “It’s very strange. I think the good news is that a lot of people see through their shit, including a lot of people who have the carpet. blindfolded “.

Musk’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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