Dollar General turns away activists and workers from shareholder meeting after they arrived late and USDA offers to help states access more baby-formula brands for low-income families

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Dear college graduates, I used to think that networking was tacky. Now I know this is the most valuable thing you can do

Networking seems a little unfair. But deep down, it’s about helping others. Read more

“You saw us coming”: Dollar General rejects shareholders’ activists and workers after they arrive late

Civil rights and anti-poverty activist Rev. William Barber II said he and others were rejected from the meeting “because we demand decent wages.” Read more

USDA offers to help states access more brands of baby formula for low-income families

The government’s nutrition aid program, WIC, has very specific requirements on the size of packaging and baby formula brands that can be purchased. Read more

The Trump-owned house in Palm Beach is now renting for $ 2.5 million a year

If you’re curious about Mar-a-Lago’s lifestyle and have $ 2.5 million at your disposal, you’re in luck. A Trump-owned mansion in Palm Beach, FL, is now in the luxury rental market. Read more

Amy Schumer sells a sumptuous penthouse in New York for $ 15 million

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer sells a very elegant penthouse for $ 15 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read more

A further 3 million people are expected to hit the roads on Memorial Day weekend last year, even though gasoline prices have only reached $ 4.60 a gallon.

When Americans were consolidating their Memorial Day plans a year ago, the national average was $ 3.04, according to AAA data. Read more

After 2 stormy years of “moonlit” home prices, don’t expect a major correction. Why COVID-era property values ​​may be here to stay.

“As more millennials reach the age of 40, their household education rate will accelerate due to higher marriage rates and more stable incomes.” Read more

The long history of racism haunts black professionals, and the best places to work in the United States recognize and respect it.

For many people of color, a painful past is still present. Read more

Which Hellcat is Faster? Here’s your guide to the power, speed and prices of these Dodge muscle cars.

At speeds of 203 mph, these muscle cars are at the height of supercars. Read on to find out the models, cost, speed and features of this modern street cane. Read more

How To Protect Your Small Business From Hackers And Scammers

Compared to larger businesses, many small businesses have fewer resources to devote to cybersecurity, making them more vulnerable than ever. Read more

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