Driverless cars’ AI plan, and stretching cells with a robotic shoulder

I combed the Internet to find the funniest / most important / scary and fascinating stories about technology.

1 New privacy-focused applications are ill-equipped to meet the demands of moderation
It makes it more difficult to maintain a balance between privacy and the police. (WP $)
+ How To Have Honest Conversations With Kids About Texas Shooting. (The Atlantic $)

2 Big Tech’s lobbying efforts are bearing fruit
Democrats are wary of supporting antitrust legislation for fear of losing its small majority. (politician)
+ Industry lobbyists have also successfully weakened efforts to regulate privacy. (Dialing)
+ What Does Breaking Big Tech Really Mean? (MIT Technology Review)

3 The comforting feeling of touch is difficult to reproduce
But scientists are doing their best with sensors and prostheses. (National Geographic $)
+ Invent soft things to solve difficult problems. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Our obsession with restoring nature is not helpful 🌲
Living ecosystems are not meant to be static environments, so why treat them the way they are? (New statesman $)
+ “A Trillion Trees” is a great idea, which could turn into a dangerous weather distraction. (MIT Technology Review)

5 A Japanese toy company has a stake in 4Chan
And sexualized anime figures could explain why. (cable $)
+ The malicious rumor that a trans person was responsible for the Texas shooting started on 4Chan. (Rolling Rock)

6 Students are afraid of being accused of cheating by an algorithm
Schools rely too heavily on systems that can make bad judgments. (NYT $)

7 How birth control could change in a post-Roe world
Including “night before” pills and sperm-banning gels. (Neo.Life)
+ Data collection is likely to worsen if abortion is banned. (FT $)
+ Activists are helping jeans gain access to online abortion pills. (MIT Technology Review)

8 Traders in the African market are thriving thanks to supply chain startups
Allow them to order products in bulk without having to travel. (FT $)
+ Big blockchain projects are also flooding the continent. (Quartz)

9 How to keep up with the news without getting overwhelmed
Disabling notifications is a good place to start. (WP $)

10 An AI has painted a disturbing portrait of the queen
And critics are less than impressed with the result. (The Guardian)
+ The dark secret behind these cute animal images generated by AI. (MIT Technology Review)

The big story

Why don’t you really know what you know
October 2020

What does it really mean to know something? How well can we understand the world when much of our knowledge is based on evidence and arguments provided by others?

These questions don’t just matter to scientists. Many other fields are becoming more complex and we have access to much more information and informed opinions than ever before. At the same time, however, rising political polarization and misinformation make it difficult to know who or what to trust. Read the whole story.

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