Elon Musk Will Speak to Twitter Employees at Meeting on Thursday

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Since Elon Musk announced his bid to acquire Twitter for about $ 44 billion in April, there have been rumors of disgruntled employees and worried shareholders, and some investors have even sued the billionaire for not revealing his actions. to the company when they allege that he should have done so. .

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Although Musk met with top Twitter executives for several days to explain his vision for the social media company before making a formal offer, the Tesla CEO has yet to address Twitter staff at together, so far.

According to sources quoting an internal email sent by Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, Musk will address employees at a company-wide meeting to be held at Twitter headquarters on Thursday.

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A Twitter spokesman confirmed the news CNBCBut Entrepreneur Twitter has been contacted for further confirmation.

The all-hands meeting of the company will be moderated, and employees will have a chance to submit questions to Musk starting this Wednesday.

News of Musk’s attendance comes just a week after Twitter executives told employees the company expects a shareholder vote on Musk’s proposed acquisition in early August.

Musk has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the deal, citing the company’s inability to provide comprehensive data on what percentage of the total Twitter user base consists of spam accounts and bots.

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Late last month, Twitter held its annual shareholder meeting where Agrawal vaguely referred to the possible acquisition of Musk at the start of the meeting.

“We are working on the transaction process,” the Twitter CEO said. “For regulatory and other reasons, we can’t talk about the transaction today. Although we work to close this transaction, our teams and I continue to focus on the important work we do every day to serve the public conversation.”

Although Musk is the majority shareholder in the company with approximately 10% of the total Twitter shares, he did not attend this meeting.

Twitter was down 38% year-over-year on Tuesday afternoon.

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