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Be your own boss

Whether you want to make extra money or are ready to become a real business, this fully updated 2021 edition of Start your own business is your first step towards entrepreneurship.

Now in its eighth edition, this timely business bible includes how to plan, market, and maximize profits for the first three years. over 40 years of experience and shared tips on Entrepreneur.com and Entrepreneur magazine, with guidance and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, business and financial experts, successful salespeople and entrepreneurs, Start your own business find out what you need to know before launching your startup, get financing and venture capital, position and market your new idea, and grow your business. from start to last name. Learn to:

  • Avoid analysis paralysis when starting a business
  • Define and research your ideal audience
  • Try real-world ideas before you hit the market
  • Propose and gain funding from venture capitalists, government programs and banks
  • Assess locations and whether a joint workspace is the right move
  • Run Facebook and Google ads as part of your marketing campaign
  • Use micro-influencers to successfully promote your brand on social media
  • Cover your bases when hiring and managing employees

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