Flight Prices Hit Record High and Raise Red Flags for Summer Travel

In the midst of the pandemic, airline passengers have had to deal with many things: concerns about the Covid-19, of course, but also a shortage of pilots and regular service interruptions.

But things get even more complicated before the summer travel season, as flight prices soared a record 18.6% month-on-month in April, according to the Consumer Price Index. Department of Labor.

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According to the same report, the index of all air fares soared to 33.3% over the last year, the largest year-on-year increase since the period ending in December 1980. In addition, these price increases record coincide with rising inflation and summer travel months, and U.S. travel and tourism are expected to reach pre-pandemic levels, The New York Times reports.

In addition, Christie Hudson, senior director of public relations at Expedia, said Time that travelers expect a different experience. “Traveling is no longer just about ‘going somewhere,'” Hudson said.

But it seems that the airlines themselves are also taking away all the wealth from their customers.

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And the demand is there: for Fox Business, Delta reported last month its highest booking volumes, and United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said travel demand is the “strongest” state throughout its 30 years in the industry.

For now, it seems that the best thing travelers can do to protect their wallet is to plan ahead and buy plane tickets as soon as possible.

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