FOX Super 6 winner cashes in on Terry Bradshaw’s SUV in 49ers-Eagles contest

The Eagles crushed the 49ers’ playoff hopes in the NFC Championship Game, but one FOX Bet Super 6 punter saw his dreams come true when his name was pulled from the championship contest in the FOX Bet Super 6 NFC after he entered Terry’s SUV draw.

David from Nevada was the lucky contestant who won Terry Bradshaw’s grand prize. Waiter has been playing FOX Bet Super 6 free contests since the app launched over two years ago. And he said he’s still floating several days after learning he won.

“I’m up to it,” he admitted. “He’s been smiling for three days straight.”

Fortunately for David, his new victories have given him something to smile about after a tough sporting weekend. He’s a lifelong Niners fan, which means his team saw the end of the road the same night he found out he joined the FOX Bet Super 6 winner’s row.

“If I hadn’t won Terry’s draw I would have been devastated. But winning made everything better!”

The husband and father of four was behind the bar doing his Sunday shift when the call came with the good news.

David, winner of the FOX Bet Super 6 SUV Terry, pictured with his wife

“I don’t really look at my phone while I’m at work like these kids these days,” the 52-year-old noted. “But I looked down and saw a number I didn’t recognize. So I went out into the snow in just my T-shirt to take the call.

“And that’s how I knew I won.”

David told his young daughter and her tech-savvy boyfriend about his good fortune and “within about two minutes” they found the tweets.

“The announcement was everywhere. It was on Twitter: ‘David from Nevada.’ That’s when it really sunk in that I had won.”

This new winner confessed that football is the only sport his wife lets him watch as much as he wants, so when it comes to FOX Bet Super 6, NFL contests are usually where his attention is focused.

“Strategy wise, sometimes it’s hard. So sometimes, I guess. And I tell people I always play because it’s free. It doesn’t cost anything to make your choices.”

One of the choices David made was to take the cash prize over the SUV, since he and his wife are already a two-SUV family.

“Instead of the car, we’re taking the cash. And there’s a million things we’ve been thinking about doing with it. We might take a vacation. We’re thinking about moving to Oregon and throwing the cash to start our small agricultural community.

“I said something to my wife about moving to Costa Rica, but I don’t think she’s an island girl,” David laughed.

And as Terry Bradshaw holds a special place in David’s heart, winning the raffle will be particularly memorable for him.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Terry Bradshaw,” he said. “And the [NFL on FOX] The pregame show is perfect. The way they joke with each other and play with each other, it’s perfect.

“It’s the best NFL pregame show that has ever been and will ever be.”

While David is still undecided what he’ll do with his prize, he’s sure about his Super Bowl prediction.

“Patrick Mahomes still looked great out there limping on one leg, but the Eagles look tough. I really want it to be a good game, but I’m going to say Eagles 27, Chiefs 23.”

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