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When we asked readers what they considered the most important skills to learn in 2020, the vast majority were related to coding. This is not so surprising considering that the digital world is only becoming more digital. It can be costly to try to keep up with the latest technology and keep the internal talent to keep your business in the digital age.


Why keep spending so much money on external talent, though, when you can learn some of the most important coding skills yourself today? The 2022 All-in-One Encoding Certification Package has you covered and is now on sale.

This package includes 15 courses from leading instructors such as Ardit Sulce (4.6 / 5 star instructor rating), Joe Gahl (4.6 / 5 rating), John Bura (4.2 / 5 rating) and many more. The complete package offers a wide network, teaching you web development, application development, decentralized application development, cloud computing, data science and more.

You will be up to date with the “backbone of the Internet”, JavaScript, and learn through real-life examples how to develop web projects from scratch. You’ll learn how to add complexity using a variety of JavaScript libraries and how to add enhanced design with HTML, CSS, and other UX / UI elements. You’ll master SQL database management, get an introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and learn how to create Google Chrome extensions and use the Google Go language.

In addition, there are courses to help with software development by introducing you to C ++ and Ruby on Rails. You will learn how to create applications in the blockchain, how to create your first NFT and more. It is a comprehensive guide to mastering some of today’s most important technologies.

Stop paying others to code when you can learn to program yourself. Right now, the 2022 All-in-One Learning Coding Certification Package is on sale for just $ 44.99.

Prices subject to change.

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