Grants up to $35K for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

From new entrepreneurs starting their first business to well-established companies with years of experience, access to funds is a common problem they both share. One way to overcome this problem is by applying for grants to access funds to solve specific problems.

The grants in this week’s summary are meant to help everyone, from new entrepreneurs and students to companies owned by women of color, as well as established companies facing different challenges. Take a look at these grants and see if you have the requirements to help you with any funding issues you may encounter.

Incfile’s first two grants are The Fresh Start Business Grant and The Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Grant, both of which provide $ 2,500. The funds are for those just starting out, experienced entrepreneurs starting new businesses and entrepreneurial students. The other grants come from the Caress Dreams Fund and communities across the country with grants that are part of the U.S. Rescue Plan Act that address everything from improvement projects to challenges related to business operations. Learn more about all available grants.

Small Business News Summary: July 8, 2022

Stay informed with the rest of this week’s summary of small business issues:

New Google Workspace features for individual business owners

Google Workspace will soon get a new feature that allows individual business owners to generate electronic signatures in Google Docs.

New Bing Maps features could help small businesses and travelers

Bing Maps has recently introduced new features that could help small businesses attract more customers by helping travelers find their way more easily. New Bing Maps features could help small businesses and travelers. New “experiences” as Bing calls them include a distance calculator app, a gasoline price map app, and a parking search map app.

Baltimore man accused of forging a PPP loan and an EIDL loan application

A Baltimore man faces federal charges for allegedly filing fraudulent relief loan applications and stealing the identity of a tax preparer. A Baltimore man accused of forging a PPP loan and an EIDL loan application 37-year-old defendant Dana Lamar Antonio Hayes Jr.

Deb Brown explains: What is a Chamber of Commerce?

What is a Chamber of Commerce and how can it help your small business? According to Deb Brown, a former chamber executive and co-founder of Save Your Town, you’re probably asking the wrong questions. Instead, he says look for ways to help your camera help you.

How Ingrid Vanderveldt is empowering a billion women entrepreneurs

Many of us have bold visions, but few act on them, especially a vision to empower a billion women. At The Small Business Radio Show this week, Ingrid Vanderveldt is demonstrating this vision. She is the President and CEO of Empowering Billion Women (EBW) and Vanderveldt Global Investments.

Facebook Pay is being renamed

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that his Meta business empire is changing the name of the Facebook Pay app to Meta Pay. Facebook Pay is being renamed Meta Pay will be functionally the same as Facebook Pay, so anyone who has set up Facebook Pay before will not have to do anything new to start using Meta Pay.

Is it really possible to isolate Russia from the global economy?

Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine is beginning to cause convulsions in Europe and around the world, as pipelines are restricted and sanctions imposed on Russia. Is it really possible to isolate Russia from the global economy? So far, the gas cut hasn’t caused too many disruptions, but it will be in the winter months when it will really hit hard.

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