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Grow your business with Carole Copeland ThomasCarole Copeland Thomas is a respected speaker, trainer, executive coach and global thought leader specializing in issues affecting the ever-changing global market, as well as issues such as multiculturalism and empowerment. Owning a business for over thirty years, Carole has shared her experience with companies such as Verizon, SHRM, and the Federal Highway Administration, and has spoken in several countries, including the United States, England, Canada, and India. El Salvador, Australia, South Africa and Kenya. Among her many accomplishments, Carole is a non-profit co-founder and humanitarian, founder of the multicultural symposium series, and presenter of a weekly, problem-oriented radio program called Focus on Empowerment.

Carole joins me today to talk about her experience working with a virtual assistant and managing members of virtual teams around the world, as well as some of the ups and downs she has faced along the way. . Carole highlights some of the positive attributes of the best remote workers she has worked with, along with some of the hurdles that prevented other relationships with virtual workers from taking place. In addition, Carole shares a devastating story about one of her first virtual assistants and how she responds and returns.

“In many ways, your watch is a 24-hour watch. You just adapt to it.” – Carole Copeland Thomas

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This week’s SmallBizChat podcast:

  • The evolution of Carole’s business and professional journey, how her business works today and the main aspects of her revenue-generating platform
  • How technology has transformed the business landscape over the last thirty years
  • Different types of employees who can potentially play a role in the growth of your business
  • What topics does Carole address through her work?
  • The challenges of managing a remote computer
  • Carole’s team structure and the dynamics between Carole and the members of her virtual team
  • The platform Carole has used to find remote workers and the challenges she faces along the way
  • How Carole manages time zones when working with members of the global team
  • The importance of professionalism when it comes to members of the virtual team
  • Why it is essential to develop a system while working with your current virtual machine and the relationship between delegating work and deploying systems
  • How Carole is facing a tragedy involving one of her virtual team members

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