Has Aaron Rodgers become more talk than substance in Green Bay?

Aaron Rodgers is back in the news.

The reigning MVP quarterback was knocked out of playoff contention in Green Bay’s heartbreaking Week 17 loss to Detroit, and while he’s done preparing for the season, he’s far from done when it comes to to talk about his game.

His latest comments came on “The Pat McAfee Show,” where he expressed confidence in his ability to play quarterback at an elite level. However, he declined to specify if that would be as a member of the Packers.

“I think I can win MVP again in the right situation,” Rodgers told McAfee. “The right situation, is it Green Bay or is it somewhere else? I’m not sure. But I don’t think you should shut down any opportunities.”

Bold statements like this are nothing new for the enigmatic veteran, but “Indisputable” co-host Shannon Sharpe is growing increasingly annoyed with Rodgers’ antics nonetheless.

“I told you I was going to do this,” Sharpe told Skip Bayless Wednesday. “Is he going to be in Green Bay, or is he going to be somewhere else? Those are his only two options, because he’s not going to retire and leave $60 million on the table. But I don’t care where you play, you stench your last game in green bay.

“That shows you what’s important to him: individual awards. . . . He’s thinking about an individual award: MVP. There’s no major championship. Ask Brady what he’s thinking about. . . Green Bay, you haven’t learned the your lesson yet. At some point, just move on… You’re not going to win any more championships with him. He doesn’t want to be there. Green Bay, stop letting this man hold you hostage!”

Bayless was equally disturbed.

“[This man] she’s a first-rate blame-shifting, finger-pointing diva. And too often it has been over-protected by the media. … I’m exhausted for Aaron Rodgers. … Has few intangibles … but arm talent is supreme. … Now 7-9 since that galaxy far, far away Super Bowl they won. … His seven wins are tenuous at best. … She’s like shaky, shaky, shaky, she’s lucky to be 7-9. … But the joke is on the Packers, sorry. They gave him their guaranteed money, they’re stuck.”

Aaron Rodgers is not committed to returning to the Packers

Aaron Rodgers is not committed to returning to the Packers

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Aaron Rodgers’ comments.

And Colin Cowherd saw through what he believed to be strictly an attention-grabbing ploy.

“I’ll give you four teams that had quarterback indecision this year,” he told “The Herd.” “Cover, [Tom] Brady retired and didn’t retire. Very diffuse for months. How did it go in Tampa? 8-9, and just scrapped in the playoffs. … Arizona … 4-13, and Green Bay, Aaron, Ayahuasca, won’t go there with the young receivers, 8-9. … For the record, what NFL team has been indecisive at quarterback in the last five to six weeks? Baltimore, and lost four of five games.

“The idea that this is ‘no big deal, I’ll take my time’ … I think Aaron gains a certain level of power that keeps everyone guessing. He couldn’t do that if they had an owner. But this is Aaron’s way. to be an issue, to be discussed, because you don’t discuss him to play… Favre did that too, it was ego. Favre beloved to continue discussing Green Bay. … And so, you can wait all you want, be fuzzy all you want… I think it matters. I think you have to be all in, all in now.”

Has Aaron Rodgers played his last game in Green Bay?

Has Aaron Rodgers played his last game in Green Bay?

Colin Cowherd predicts if Aaron Rodgers has played his last game in Green Bay.

Rodgers is taking his time to make a decision about his future, but if he does decide to walk away from football, it won’t be for lack of security.

“We’ve had all the conversations we wanted to have about football right now, and we’re going to take some time to look ahead,” Rodgers said of his recent conversation with Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst.

“I think no player wants to be part of any kind of reconstruction,” he added. “I said that years ago. Reloads are so much fun because you feel like you’re close, you’re just a couple of guys away. They’re not pushing any kind of specific answer, and I’m not mentally or emotionally at that point to give – one.”

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