Home-Based and Mobile Franchises Create a Surge of New Entrepreneurs

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Circumstances caused by the pandemic led to public health policies that have changed the way we work, perhaps forever. Suddenly unable to gather in large groups or small spaces, the entire workforce was stopped at their residences and a new acronym, WFH, entered our lexicon. In adapting to “work from home,” many employees realized the new freedom to do business from kitchen tables, converted rooms, or even elaborate home offices. During the night, there was no commute, no traffic, no idle talk on the proverbial water cooler. Not surprisingly, many Americans consider distance work to be preferable to the old model. Several surveys have found that most employees would rather resign than return to office, a factor that at least in part contributes to the Great Resignation.

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A scalable opportunity for business ownership

Many entrepreneurs are looking for a simple and convenient way to start their own business. They would rather not investigate more complicated and complex franchise concepts that require site selection research, mass inventories, and brick and mortar locations. Fortunately, there are thousands of franchise concepts on the market today to choose from. Both home and mobile franchise opportunities cover a wide range of industries. For example, mobile franchises are not only variations of food trucks, they also refer to the hairdressing, cleaning, window washing, and pet gardening businesses. PuroClean, a restoration and property damage franchise, is a great example that was also ranked among the top 100 2022 Entrepreneur franchises.

Home businesses offer more options than most people imagine, including categories such as care for the elderly, cleaning services, consulting and counseling, home improvement, and home services. Lendio, a franchise that helps business owners secure the financing they need to expand and grow, is a perfect example of a home-based business. One of the main advantages of these concepts is the scalability that allows the business owner. You can start small, grow and then grow accordingly.

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Secondary problems and the economy of the concert

Many people who use the franchise to start their own business do not have immediate plans to quit their day job. The scalability of home and mobile franchises gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to continue to support as the business grows. These gaps in the gig economy allow many families to close the income gap through the “covered” nature of business models. Especially for those who prefer the semi-absent franchise model, in which they simply “manage the manager,” home and mobile franchises are a wise route. While a growing number of Americans have some sort of collateral economy or concert economy business deal, only the franchise route can put them in the driver’s seat of the property.

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Less is better

Home and mobile franchise opportunities have become attractive business ventures because of the countless benefits they offer for convenience and scalability. They are typically less expensive to operate, have much lower start-up costs, and offer franchise owners an environment where freedom and flexibility are at the forefront of their operations. The franchise industry is full of 9 to 5 year olds who used to work in a gray cubicle, not exactly the best environment for creativity, expression and self-determination. A home or mobile franchise allows homeowners to go out and pursue new business ventures, experiencing the thrill of hunting. From a customer and service acquisition perspective, it’s a way to build a better connection and establish a lasting relationship, the key to recurring customers. When customers become recurring, so does revenue.

Home and mobile franchises offer more than just a business, but a scalable lifestyle. It allows you to become a business owner in a comfortable and peaceful environment: yours. If you want to explore the options of this growing franchise ownership industry, you can start by reviewing the full ranking of Entrepreneur’s 2022 Top Mobile and Mobile Franchises. Good hunting!

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